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Video and Photos by Valencio Small / Models: Amanda Hinger & Jodie McMahon

The holiday season is always a great time to go a bit beyond our regular makeup routines, and what better way than with more dramatic eyes.


Two very popular eye makeup looks for the holidays are the smoky eye and the cat eye. We have all seen extreme versions of these looks on celebrities, on the runway, and in magazines which can be a challenge and time-consuming to duplicate at home.

Although the internet is full of videos demonstrating the very fashion-forward variety, in my experience, most women just want a more user-friendly technique to do at home for that special occasion while still playing up the eyes.

Both of these techniques will take less than two minutes and with a little practice can easily be mastered. helpful site The Smoky Eye
– Apply a light shadow from lash to brow and side to side, covering the entire eye area.
– Apply a medium tone shadow on the lid only. A nice choice is a soft pink. Opt for a medium gray if you are more skilled with makeup and want a more dramatic look.
– Line the eyes all around with a black eyeliner using short feathery strokes. It’s ok if it isn’t a perfect straight line. If you need to stretch the skin to get close to the lash line, pull up from the brow rather than stretching the skin to the temple.
– For a more dramatic look, line the inside of the eyes as well.
– Using a fine eye makeup blending brush, smudge the black liner upward fading it midway up the lid. This will create the ombre, smoky effect. Smudge the liner under the eye with the brush.
– Finish the look with mascara.

The Cat-Eye
– Apply a light shadow from lash to brow and side to side, covering the entire eye area.
– Apply a medium tone on the lid.
– Use a blue eyeliner (which is on trend and much easier to work with than black) to line eyes on the top 3/4 of the way in, getting as close to the lash line as possible.
– Looking straight ahead, dot the liner about 45 degrees from the outer corner. This is where the eyeliner will end.
– Connect the dot to the liner already on the upper lash line making a triangle. Fill in where needed.
– Soften and correct any mistakes by layering the same color eyeshadow over the liner with an angled eye makeup brush.
– Finish the look with mascara.

Keep your cheek and lip colors subtle and soft for maximum eye impact!

Check out the accompanying video to see me demonstrate these easy techniques.

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