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“I’m very passionate about what I do, driven enough to give you my all and patient enough to see the fruits of my labor,” Tavares said. Tavares is not someone who can be pigeonholed into just one category. He is a father, consultant, fitness instructor, interpreter, Marine, model, and actor, just to name a few; what many would consider to be a jack-of-all-trades.


Calling himself a “Turkey Baby,” Flavio Tavares was born in Portugal on November 28, which just happens to land on Thanksgiving Day every now and then. Described by his friends as a “dependable individual that is always there to listen,” Tavares also credits his passion that gives him the drive to be a lead by example type of guy who requires attention to detail and heart to do what’s expected of him. “Life is a soap opera, a movie, a stage show and the camera is my friend!” said Tavares.


TS: “What made you want to become a model and why?”

FT: “I observed and liked how it changes people for the better, how everyone in the industry fully understands that good relationships are the key to everyone’s success. It is a symbiotic relationship between designers, models, photographers, make-up artist, event directors, etc.”


TS: “What has been your biggest challenge as a model?”

FT: “To be very careful of how I critique myself; the minute it no longer feels good, I stop.”


TS: “Who’s your favorite actor or model today, and what is it that you like about them?”

FT: “I don’t have a favorite actor or model today, but I really like how people from different backgrounds evolve into big roles. How, with right temperament and direction, one can really have fun by making a living in this industry.”


TS: “Who is your biggest inspiration?”

FT: “All the underdogs out there! Proving everyday that it’s not how you start but it’s how you finish the race.”


Being a fitness instructor, it comes as no surprise that Tavares does not shy away from intense sports or exercise, “You have to go all out! Don’t quit! No reserves, is the type of exercises I like to conquer, such as Judo,” Tavares said. With his workouts varying during the week, Tavares enjoys running long distance cross-country and doing 100 meters to 200 meters sprints at a nearby track. Besides Judo and running, Tavares is also a big fan of swimming, “it just comes naturally to me and sometimes I miss competing. There is just something about carrying your body weight on a surface of water from point A to point B.”


TS: “What is your best memory as a child?”

FT: “I have to say watching ‘Saturday Morning Cartoons’ and just being a kid full of imagination with the belief that I could do anything was high.”


TS: “If you were a character in a TV show or movie, who would you want to be and why?”

FT: “I would enjoy playing the villain only because I’m a nice guy by nature. It would be quite interesting to see the expression on the faces of those that know me.”


TS: “What is your favorite restaurant?”

FT: “I don’t have a favorite restaurant actually. I truly enjoy food from all nationalities. I’ll try almost anything if it’s appealing to what the eyes see and the nose smells.”


TS: “And your favorite drink?”

FT: Culturally to my family, red wine is the ideal meal partner. But I have acquired the taste for white wine as well, it complements one of my favorite dishes ‘Fruto do Mar’.”


TS: “Best vacation/travel experience?”

FT: “The summer of 1984 road trip with my uncle who was a carpet delivery man in Portugal, in the city of Porto. It allowed me to see the country in its entirety, and appreciate a different class of family. The biggest lesson I learned was that hard work pays off.”


TS: “Which season do you prefer?”

FT: “Fall season; it’s that one time that nature dies only to promise a better new. To me it’s a clear message that change is good, always!”


TS: “What is your dream car?”

FT: “The mighty Infiniti M37X fully loaded and a great way to spend $50,000.”


We asked what five items Tavares must have if he was stranded on a deserted island, and his answer may just surprise you. “I would need a table, candles, Champagne, Caviar and a Donahue Female Model,” answered Tavares.  Proving that chivalry is not dead and adding ‘hopeless romantic’ to his jack-of-all-trades lineup, Tavares believes that “romance is something that should be preserved, even in remote areas.” What a gentleman!


TS: “What’s your favorite word?”

FT: “’DAD,’ because it’s a constant reminder that I’m no longer the apprentice, but now the master.”


TS: “What is your biggest fear?”

FT: “My biggest fear is that annoying feeling of ‘could have, should have, but didn’t.’ I feel that this industry teaches that and keeps it front and center. When the opportunity, arrives I’ll be ready to succeed.”Untitled3


TS: “Share your favorite quote with us.”

FT: “We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for a moment that we’re not alone.”

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