blog 10665393_398774456963076_4711322129362870253_nOn December 23, 2014, Styleweek Providence Designer Glenn Michael debuted ‘Glenn Michael Profile’ in Bristol R.I.

GM Profile will offer bespoke jeans for men and women. Additionally, Profile boasts a variety of artisan inspired travel bags, aprons, all season scarves and caps.

Glenn Michael evolved over the course of 40 years. “Filled with all the wonders of life; love, joy, pain, sorrow, fear and hope,” spokesperson, Jacquieline Vaughn, explains, “we have come to witness that sometimes one has to go around the block to cross the street.  We also realized that at the end of the day what matters most is the journey. With that as our vantage point, we encourage you to enjoy the view!”

Glenn Michael is a designer specializing in exceptionally tailored casual menswear and denim.

“The boutique is located at 219 High Street in Bristol R.I. 02809,” Vaughn continues, “our phone number is 401-396-4059. Visit us for a private consultation and fitting.”

All Glenn Michael items are handcrafted in the U.S.A. with love. 541597_398774350296420_266077194716878960_n

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