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how to get away with murder

Fall has come and gone much like summer did, and along with the New Year, comes a new TV schedule. Now most of you probably know from my previous article in our June issue, “Guilty Pleasures; Five TV Shows We Watch But Hate To Admit To,” that I am overly, and probably unhealthily obsessed with TV. Over the course of a year, I watch close to 40 different TV shows; I’m well aware I’m crazy, I can’t help it, I just LOVE entertainment! So it should come as no surprise to you that I made it my mission to check out the best new shows of fall 2014, and I am here to tell you what shows made my top cut and why you should be watching them in 2015!


“How to Get Away with Murder”- Shonda Grimes has done it again! The genius behind “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Scandal,” has a new hit on her hands and ABC Network has pretty much bowed down to Grimes by unofficially naming her the woman of Primetime TV as all three of her shows run on ABC on Thursday nights; Thank God It’s Thursday! Rhode Island-born actress Viola Davis is a force to be reckoned with as she plays the wickedly tough and in-charge criminal law professor Annalise Keating who doesn’t take crap from anyone. The show begins with the murder of her husband Sam Keating, played by Tom Verica, and then rewinds in events as the season continues with the fall finale finally exposing who killed Sam. Annalise chooses five students from her criminal law class to work with her firm and take on real cases in the field while they continue to take her class. We get a closer look at the five students and delve into their lives as each one of them plays an important role in the murder of Sam Keating. This show is beyond addicting; it’s sexy, smart and keeps you on the edge of your seat every single episode. Bravo, Shonda Grimes!


jane the virgin“Jane the Virgin”- What may very well be the sleeper hit of the fall, this show is exceeding all expectations and will thankfully return in 2015. “Jane the Virgin,” on the CW Network is a sassy, and laugh out loud American version of the Venezuelan telenovela, “Juana la Virgen.”  Breakout actress Gina Rodriguez is born to play the role of Jane Villanueva as she naturally brings the emotions and comedy to a show about a girl who is pregnant, except she’s a virgin. What sounds either impossible or one of God’s greatest miracles is actually due to a mishap in gynecologists office when Jane is accidently artificially inseminated instead of getting a pap smear. Fun fact: she is inseminated with her boss’s sperm, (played by the suave Justin Baldoni), which she once had a hot make-out session with five years earlier. Now Jane must decide whether she wants to keep the baby, give it to her boss as he divorces his cheating wife, or even stay with her boyfriend of two years as feelings for her boss grow. Love triangles, potential motherhood, and even a murder, this show knows how to bring the drama!


“Marry Me” – The show created by David Caspe stars his real life wife, actress Casey Wilson who plays the hilariously-neurotic Annie on NBC’s newest hit. The best part of this show is that Caspe and Wilson use their real-life stories as inspiration for the different episodes. In the pilot episode, Annie and Jake, (played by the witty Ken Marino), finally get engaged after six long years together, and after Annie demands they get engaged while making fun of Jake’s mother and their friends. Unbeknownst to Annie, everyone she throws under the bus during her rant is waiting to surprise her after Jake asks her to marry him. This comedic performance sets up the rest of the season as Jake and Annie have witty banters back and forth, while their friends and family either mock them or help them. The whole cast is hysterical and Tim Meadows plays one of Annie’s gay fathers. This was one of the most anticipated shows of the season, and it surpassed the hype. marry me


“Stalker” – Created by one of horror’s most famous men, Kevin Williamson, “Stalker,” makes you want to keep the lights on while you watch it and make sure all of your doors are locked. The mind behind “Scream” and hit TV show “The Vampire Diaries,” brings an original concept to CBS about a Los Angeles detective department that investigates stalkers. Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q, (who are dating in real life), hold their own respectively, against each other and against the crazy stalkers of L.A.  McDermott plays Jack Larsen, who has a past that brought him from New York to L.A. in hopes of starting a new life and to stalk his ex-girlfriend and their child, who has no idea Larsen is his father. Surprisingly as the season comes to its fall finale, viewers also find out that Beth Davis (Maggie Q) also has a secretive past of her own, against which she now has a different identity to protect herself.  Every episode has you jumping out of your seat with stalkers popping up in the least expected places and the show makes you really wonder if someone could actually be watching you. Keep your doors locked!


“Red Band Society”- I must admit I was a bit apprehensive to watch this show at first because it seemed like a TV version of “The Fault in Our Stars,” with children sickly with cancer and falling in love.  Boy, was I wrong; I adore this show that is full of tremendous heart. The show delves into the lives of kids living in a hospital who are all suffering from different diseases but have all banded together to help one another through their tough times.  The circle of friends each wear a red band that signifies they successfully made it through surgery, hence the title, “Red Band Society.”  Although it may seem like there wouldn’t be too much to do in a hospital, these kids find ways to bring the drama. Whether it’s Nurse Jackson (Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer) breaking up sex between two patients, the selling of pain killers, and even underage boys with cancer trying to get into a strip club, this show never disappoints.  It also reminds us that even though these kids are suffering from serious diseases (cancer, heart failure, and anorexia to name a few); they are still normal and just want to be regular, ordinary kids.

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