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Nude Boutique will be expanding into their neighboring stores later this month.  To celebrate their expansion, Nude will be offering 14% off custom orders for the month of February. Carmen & Ginger will also be expanding later this month. Christine from Carmen & Ginger says, “the expansion will feature a built-in dressing room, enhanced ‘men’s’ department; twice the women’s clothing options and more open and spacious shopping experience for all our customers. Look for a grand ‘reopening’ event in early February.” Robin Dionne of The Arcade says, “We are happy that our retail has become successful that two of our tenants have chosen to work with us in expanding their small businesses.”
Lore Collection will be opening in The Arcade on March 1st. Owned by Margaret Hinge and Jayna Aronovitch, their mission is, “to expose talented makers whose work excels.  Our collection aims to include innovative, contemporary, independent artists and designers, most of who are based in New England. We aim to share these outstanding creations and expose the details and the story behind their work.” For more information about Lore’s grand opening, visit
Glistening Goddess will be opening inside of Goddess Closet in early March. Founded in Johnston, Rhode Island by Cassandra Capraro, Caparo said, “our Johnston location has been very busy. We are excited to open our second studio in The Arcade to accommodate our Providence clientele.” For more information about Glistening Goddess, visit

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