By Jaclyn Pelopida

TalentTalks1“I’m probably one of the weirder people you’ll ever meet and I have the sometimes detrimental habit of always saying exactly what’s on my mind. I’m also always awkward. Like literally always -I’ve learned to embrace it,” Amy-Beth confidently says with a smile.

Walking on the runway in shows for designers such as Jillian Banta, Chances R Designs, and Shalyn Webber, as well as appearing in ads for Fashion & Fame Magazine, Kent Stetson Handbags, and Reebok Pump’s 25th Anniversary, it only seems natural that Amy-Beth has felt so comfortable being center stage for years. “I was a dancer for 15 years as a kid, and I toured the east coast chasing various titles and performing in some truly amazing locations…standing in front of a sea of lights is just where I feel the most ‘at home’,” Amy-Beth explained.

robaxin india TS: “How long have you been acting/modeling?”

AB: “I modeled for a brief period as a teenager but never really took it seriously and picked it back up again a few years later. I’m now half way through my sixth fashion season so I’ve recently been modeling for the last three years.”

TS: “Who’s your favorite actor or model today, and what is it that you like about them?”

AB: “Oh my gosh Cara Delevingne! She’s just amazing; she never takes a bad picture.”

TS: “What has been your biggest challenge as a model?”

AB:” Oh definitely my tattoos! I went through a period of time where I wanted to be a tattoo artist, and ended up with quite the collection in the process.”

TS: “What has been your most embarrassing modeling or acting moment?”

AB: “MY FIRST KISSING SCENE! I’m so awkward, and he was SO cute. It was tragic.”

TS: “As a model, do you ever feel extremely stressed and overwhelmed? How do you overcome that?”

AB: “Totally! I usually even out the chaos with a trip to taco bell and a night of binge-watching on Netflix. When I’m not working I’m either with my friends, doing some D.I.Y. project, or I’m on a Netflix binge and snuggled up with my black Lab, Sheeba.”

TalentTalks2TS: “Speaking of Netflix, what’s your favorite TV show of all time, and why?”

AB: “’Hey Arnold’ never gets old to me.”

TS: “Who is your favorite comedian?”

AB: “Iliza Schlesinger! She calls make up ‘war paint,’ she’s the best.”

TS: “Do you have a day job?”

AB: “As of recently, I started running a small shop on Etsy called DetailedObsession. It’s really great because it lets me keep my schedule open for modeling and acting work! I’ve also always felt like ballet was the most beautiful form of silent theatre, and my love of that has always made me want to try my hand at acting. I’ve gotten to do a bit of it recently and I really only wish I’d tried it sooner!”

Although Amy-Beth calls her friends just as crazy as she is, an outsider might find her to be the complete opposite! “Sometimes I can be devastatingly shy. I do get described as edgy a lot, appearance-wise. As a former dance teacher and a lover of crochet, that one always makes me giggle,” Amy-Beth says while laughing.

When describing her sense of style, Amy-Beth has an eclectic mix of clothing that is reflective of her personality; she is also very much into the darker side of things. “I’m quirky, I suppose. My closet is overflowing with stuff and although I do find myself reaching for darker colors, I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color, am I right? I own everything from floral and graphic prints to flannels and menswear. I really don’t like to shop for one specific style of clothing, but when I’m not working, I totally live in my sweatpants!” explained Amy-Beth.

TalentTalks4TS: “What is your go-to beauty product or fashion accessory/item?”

AB: “I swear by coconut oil for everything.”

TS: “What clothing store do you love, and find yourself going to most when shopping?”

AB: “I’m a professional thrift shopper and bargain hunter. I’ll drive for hours some days just trying to find different little shops to poke around in. Online though, I’m currently addicted to the shoe section on Nasty Gal.”

TS: “What fashion trends do you like/dislike the most?”

AB: “I definitely love menswear inspired shirts, and clean lines. There actually isn’t much I can’t get on board with as far as fashion, but neoprene. Or latex! I just don’t get it.”

TS: “Do you enjoy or know how to cook? What’s your favorite dish to make?”

AB: “I actually love to cook! My slow cooker is my best friend, I make a MEAN brisket!”

TS: “Do you have any phobias?”

AB: “I’m sure my friends will take advantage of this one but I’m really terrified of the dark!”

TS: “Are you a better singer or dancer?”

AB: “I would hope that I’m a better dancer because I sing like a dying cat.”

TS: “What’s your biggest turn off?”

AB: “An unchecked ego! Confidence is sexy, gentlemen. But an ‘I’m-better-than-everyone’ attitude is the easiest way to become undateable with me.”

TS: “Share your favorite quote.”

AB: “’Perseverance is not a long race, it is many short races one after another.’ It’s a Walter Elliot quote.”

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