By Elizabeth Phinney

PrimeCut1My expertise is in fitness specific to people over the age of 45, and because of this, I am often asked, “Is it harder to lose weight when you are older?”  In a word, YES!  But, the good news is source link you are truly in control of what you weigh and how fit you are as you age!

First, understand what is going on in your body as you age.  Believe it or not, you begin to age as soon as you stop growing (between 20 and 22).  Once you hit that stage of life, your cells begin to die off and are replaced with new ones, at a rate of about 1% each day.  It is the strength and fitness of those new cells that determines how healthy you are.

Then, understand that different body parts age in different ways.  The brain gets smaller and less active as we get older.  Heart disease attacks more victims as they get older and is the #1 killer of men and women, estimated at 800,000+ deaths each year – most ARE preventable.  Lung capacity diminishes between 3 – 6% each decade, so by 70, we have lost 15 – 30% of our oxygen usage.  Muscle mass is reduced by ½ lb. per year beginning in our 20’s which means our joints start working overtime, enhancing arthritis because our joints pick up the slack that the muscles can’t handle.  And, our metabolism is naturally reduced because our musculature is reduced.  A slower metabolism allows weight gain to happen more easily, equated to about 2 – 3 lbs. each year.

PrimeCut2NOW, for the GOOD news!!  Gaining weight as we get older is a choice, not a mandate.

It is ALL UP TO YOU and YOU CAN control and take charge of your weight!

There are a few basic things that you can do on a daily basis to offset any weight gain.  If you have already gained some weight, you need to be stricter with these guidelines. Over time, the weight can i buy diflucan over the counter in ireland will come off.  Patience and diligence are key characteristics that will get you where you want to be.  Keep in mind how long it took you to get to where you are right now and respect that time frame.  The fast solutions are always temporary – If you are going to be your best, you have to do it right!  Here are four simple tips to get you on the RIGHT track!

canadian pharmacy Lamictal Simple Tip #1Stop eating junk food and start fueling your body with more vegetables!!  Most of the ingredients in junk food turn into sugar once digested, and sugar turns into fat.  Our obesity epidemic comes from the sugar in foods, not the fat.  I have to be honest with you – this will not be easy to give up.  Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine!  You have to start slowly with one food at a time – you know what your junk food favorites are, so slowly, but determinedly eliminate them from your diet, one at a time.  Replace them with a vegetable like carrots or celery  (This includes bagels and muffins, too!) Remember, food is your fuel – to get your body to perform at its best, put good food in.

Simple Tip #2Get a good night’s sleep – every night.  Are you aware that seven – nine hours is what is recommended for adults?  When we get less than that, our bodies do not have the chance to rejuvenate.  When your body is rested, it operates much more efficiently – including your metabolism.

Simple Tip #3Drink more water.  Hydration is our body’s lubricant and is necessary for our organs and systems to operate at the best of their ability.  (See Trading Secrets February 2015)

Simple Tip #4Exercise – The key is to set the time aside each day to give back to your body.  Start slowly – ten minutes each day.  Then build up to an hour each day.  Your goal is six days out of seven.  The most important type of exercise is strength training combined with stretching.  Strength training builds your muscle tissue and makes you strong. (No, ladies, you will NOT bulk up!)  Strong muscles enhance your metabolism to help you lose weight, and the stretching helps with your overall flexibility.  Think of all the things you do that TAKE from your body.  Giving back to it is important, and with your renewed perspective, an hour each day out of the 16 you are awake isn’t really asking too much.

By using these four simple tips you can take control of how your body ages. Think of those cells that are replaced every day and remind yourself that you want those cells to be strong and fit.  That thought alone could be the help you need in making better, healthier choices throughout the day!

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