order Seroquel no rx …Experiencing Closing Night at Styleweek, Fall/Winter 2015

cheap amoxil By Ignacio Quiles

InTheGreenRoomThe Providence Biltmore Hotel auditorium was “standing room only”. The crowds celebrated.  All three shows moved with precision despite some minor delays caused by the weather and bitter cold that we’ve gotten so used to this year.

If the success of a show or an event can be measured by the amount of people in cars and the sweat on the brows of the valets then this surely must have been the best Styleweek ever. The crowd was all decked out and ready for the runway.

My host Yemi Sekoni, Owner and Director of Donahue Models and Talent, the Cranston-based agency responsible for booking some of the models for the runway shows, introduced me to the style lovers of Providence. And I must say the audience came out showing their best. The ladies were showing off their sprezzatura: heels and well fitting dresses. I enjoyed the individualism in the Street Style crowd every fashion on display including jeans, dresses, sport coats, and bowties on the men. And a number of my favorite fashion must haves – pocket squares and loafers caught my eye as well.

InTheGreenRoom3The runway parade from fashion designer, Jonathan Joseph Peters, & jewelry designer, House of Cache, was an audience favorite. If you’re familiar with Styleweek, they close the show every season. And this year they brought down the house with thunderous applause. I enjoyed the three presentations and look forward to more. The models were engaging with the crowds and the shows displayed a nice mix of traditional styling with youthful vigor. The accessories showcase was also a great source of creative inspiration.

Many people asked me how does Styleweek compare to New York Fashion Week?

At the time, my answer was, “they’re different,” and upon reflection that’s true, of course. New York Fashion Week is different – it’s the pinnacle of our industry. The production values are mind blowing and the artistry is extraordinary. It is also BIG business; but Styleweek is an important component of that business.

InTheGreenRoom2It’s important regionally and it’s also important as a training ground. It gives young designers a safe place to learn. It gives local designers access to buyers at a much more affordable cost. Most importantly, the audience is excited to see the show and encouraging of the designers. The bottom line: it’s fun – and to me that’s what fashion should be about.

Too often, we view any place outside of NYC as ‘not there yet;’ Styleweek disproves that thought. I applaud what Styleweek is doing to elevate the fashion profile of the region. Soon enough Providence will be known, as much, for it’s fashion as it already is for it’s food.

I, for one, was happy to be here to witness the show!

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