By Yemi Sekoni

Pursuits2.1“I am not one for conformity.  Like my mom, my point of view is to look far into the future and create wearable timeless pieces that have no season, but most importantly do not lose their importance to fads.”  This is K-Bobby’s approach to his unique style of designing.

Growing up in St. Catherine Jamaica, Kenneth Edgar started designing at a very young age.  Knowing one’s life career and proactively setting an action plan at such a tender age is still an exception to the rule, but for K-Bobby, it was glaringly obvious what he needed to do.  At age twelve, he was creating dresses for brides and beauty queens and by 14 years old, he was enrolled in a fashion design school in Kingston, Jamaica. A brief foray into hair styling for TV earned him an Emmy, before he returned to his roots in full-fledged fashion design.

Lamictal online pharmacy TS: How did you adopt the name K-Bobby for your line?

KB: K-Bobby was given to me by my late mom who was always a trailblazer and a creative genius. TS: What channels do you use to sell your pieces?  How and where can interested buyers find you?

KB: I have an online store  One can order a custom piece or shop for affordable pieces that are selected especially for my masses.

go TS: Tell us about the creation process when you are making a new design?

KB: I start by selecting my color palette, clearing it with my stylist Mauva Gacitua.  I collaborate with her as she has an eye for beautiful clothing and has impeccable styling abilities. I would then drape an idea, photograph it, send it to her…  Creative contemplation would ensue with her, and eventually we compromise and the “new design” is born.

TS: Thinking back to your very first designs, did you expect to be where you are today?

KB: I was only twelve years old; I was not thinking…based on feedback; I would be told my designs are on par with Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Paul Gaultier

The K-Bobby line has been featured on some of the most impressive runways, including New York, Miami, Jamaica and the Bahamas where he received a Seal of Excellence Award.  However, when asked what he most proud of, he responds, “My children and winning an Emmy Award.”

Pursuits2.2TS: What’s next for K-Bobby; what is your vision in five to ten years?

KB: With help from persons like (Trade Secrets editor) Yemi Sekoni, Fashion Week showings, fashion bloggers and Mauva Gacitua, my stylist; I should be in all Neiman Marcus stores, with my head office and showroom in Los Angeles and a branch in Copenhagen!

TS: If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently?

KB: Move out of Jamaica at age 12.

Pursuits2.3Many young ones out there might not have the foresight or the wherewithal to embark on such a colorful journey; so what would he say to that young teen who feels they have what it takes to make it as a fashion designer and walk in his shoes? “Embrace your truth;” he advises, “follow your dreams no matter where they lead and ask for help in the process.”

We couldn’t agree more. However, we had to know one more thing before concluding the interview.

TS: What’s the one thing most people would be surprised to know about you?

KB: I get a “high” from helping people succeed even more than myself.

We are excited to see what the future will bring for Kenneth “K-Bobby” Edgar and K-Bobby International.  So watch this space, as it promises to be intriguing!

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