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OutOfTheClosetFor one glorious, albeit wintery week last month, Rhode Islanders got to dig into their closets, whip out their best pieces and get dolled up for the tenth season of StyleWeek Northeast Fall Winter 2015.  As we have done over the past two years, we went looking for those, we thought, had a certain edge with their ensemble.  Some nights were just plain tough, but the team singled out these 16 men and women (plus one adorable little girl) as our choices for this season’s StyleWeek’s “Most Stylish!”


watch CR6A0620Name: Katie Latimer
where can i buy clomid online From: Providence, R.I.
watch Occupation: Self-employed; web design and marketing
What are you wearing: An H&M jumpsuit, H&M earrings, booties are Jessica Simpson
What inspired your look: I just got my hair done and so I built the look from the hair down. Tom St. Germaine, from Suite Tart Salon in Providence, gave me this cut and color
How do you feel in your outfit: Fantastic
How do you describe your sense of style: Edgy, New York inspired, and comfortable. Very authentic. I like to steal the show!


CR6A0617Name: David Dadekian
From: Coventry, R.I.
Occupation: Food connoisseur
What are you wearing: A vintage chevron jacket from a vintage thrift store.  My shirt is DKNY and my tie is Italian silk
What inspired your look: Los Angeles! Black and white movies from the fifties

How do you feel in the outfit: Wonderful and fun
How do you describe your sense of style: Film noir, inspired by





Name: Mike Flores

From: Rumford, R.I.

Occupation:  Product Line Manager at EATON Aerospace

What are you wearing: H&M jacket, Express pants, Aldo shoes, JC Penney Claiborne shirt, and a bow tie

What inspired your look: The snow. I started with the white jacket and built from there.

How do you feel in the outfit: Great, fun

How do you describe your sense of style: Conservative, stylish, yet fun


Name: Vonetta Cabral

From: Pawtucket, R.I.

Occupation: Mom, wife, model, office manager, and a skin care consultant

What are you wearing: A BCBG dress and jacket.  I found as styled by JoAnna’s Treasure Closet, a new boutique in Pawtucket. Joanna has a keen eye for color, textures, designs and different body shapes

What inspired your look: valentines day , hint of red, and the jacket was to accessorize

How do you feel in the outfit: amazing, confident

How do you describe your sense of style: masculine, but sensual, like I would wear fashionable men’s shoes. I am actually the opposite of what you would expect from a model


Name: Kormah Sarko
From: Providence, R.I.
Occupation: Student
What are you wearing: A fur vest from Forever 21, my pants are from H&M, boots are Timberland.  The multiple rings I collected over the years from vintage stores, Claire’s, Icing, Forever 21, and various thrift stores.  My septum ring is from Spencers. The turtleneck is from Nordstrom.

What inspired your look: Actually, I was in a rush and I just threw it all together.
How do you feel in the outfit: Absolutely fabulous
How do you describe your sense of style: I would describe my sense of style as androgynous and being liberated. I love being free and going out of line with fashion, I don’t really care. Sometimes I borrow my grandmother’s African fabrics, because I’m a huge fan of African prints and I wrap it as a turban… I love wearing oversized clothing as well.  Rihanna influenced my sense of style because she’s edgy and she wears what she wants to wear.  I wish could afford Gucci, Armani and Chanel, because I also love what they do. I’m poor but I make it work.

IMG_1437Name: Anna Foster
From: Canton, M.A.
Occupation: CEO of “A Maven’s World,” a lifestyle brand
What are you wearing: My look is from our collection “Maven”. The jewelry is by Marie-France Kadokele, designed for “Maven”, and I just topped it off with a hat (I am a “big hat” fan.

What inspired your look: I was going for a high fashion look and the jacket just spoke to me, as you can see it’s a great print.

How do you feel in the outfit: Like a maven!
How do you describe your sense of style: Comfortably chic, a style where you always look fashionable, but you don’t feel awkward. Obviously to wear this outfit, you have to own it and be comfortable in your own skin.



Name: Ian Travis Barnard

From: Providence, RI

Occupation: Photographer at Ian Travis Barnard Photography

What are you wearing: Head to toe local designer Marc Streisand of Marc Allen Fine Clothiers located on South Main Street  created this three-piece custom bespoke suit for me.  It is a well-made suit crafted to fit my style and personality.

What inspired your look: I wanted to wear a modern, yet classic three-piece suit with a pop of color…in this case RED!

How do you feel in your outfit; I feel dapper, confident and most importantly comfortable!

How would you describe your style: My style tends to blend a clean look with a nod to street style.  I also love folding in a touch of vintage.


Name: Ting Barnard

From: Providence, R.I.

Occupation: Chief Relationship Officer, Jai Communications Group

What are you wearing: I am wearing a two-piece evening gown designed by recent RISD graduate Sharon Moon who showcased her collection at StyleWeek on the runway the night before.  Sharon mentioned, “Although the gown is quite simple in shape, the special gold textile contrasting against the navy is what makes the woman stand out from the crowd.”

What inspired your look: I am Southeast Asian and wanted to channel the colorful costumes I often wear to the Buddhist temple and celebrations.  When I saw Sharon Moon’s collection, it was the perfect fit with the delicate design and gold detail.  Sharon herself being a local designer was a bonus!

How do you feel in your outfit: I feel quite elegant, confident and unique wearing Sharon Moon’s one-of-a-kind design.  I do feel as though I am standing outside of the crowd in an awesome way!

How would you describe your style: Well-tailored, locally made and inspired custom designs to fit my body. I am not afraid to wear bold colors or cuts as long as the pieces are well-constructed.  I wear a lot of black and statement jewelry all usually locally made as I believe it is important to support our local artists!


Name: Victory Vonchai Barnard

Occupation: Kindergartener at Lincoln School

Where are you from: Providence, R.I.

What are you wearing: A flowery navy lace overlay dress with a chic cap-sleeve dress fitted with a twirl-ready skirt.  Dress by Ruby & Bloom MADE IN THE USA! Custom clip-on earrings by PetalsNPearls R.I, by Crystal G. Pavlides – a local artist/designer.

What inspired your look: My mommy! She is wearing navy too! My mom lets me choose whatever makes me feel happy and comfortable to wear tonight and I love her.

How do you feel in your outfit: I feel happy! I can dance and twirl in my dress like a ballerina!

How would you describe your style: Fun, colorful and pretty.  I wear a lot of leggings and tunics.  I’m very active so my clothes should move with my body freely! I shop at local boutiques with my mom…Mod Mama located in Garden City is my favorite boutique in R.I. I’ve been shopping there since I was a baby!


CR6A1166Name: Johnny Montalvo
From: Lincoln R.I.
Occupation: I teach theology at my church
What are you wearing: All my own design through I-Tailor
What inspired your look: Fashion and StyleWeek
How do you feel in the outfit: Liberated
How do you describe your sense of style: I style for myself.  I am 58 years old, so I like to be myself





IMG_2393Name: Elle Kaplan
From: Providence, R.I.
Occupation: Assistant Food & Beverage Director
What are you wearing: Vintage
What inspired your look: Nineties school girl grunge, like The Craft
How do you feel in the outfit: Fabulous and sassy
How do you describe your sense of style: Gothic high fashion, witchy chic,





IMG_2419Name: Christina Cook
From: Cranston, R.I.
Occupation: Makeup artist
What are you wearing: Vintage shop finds
What inspired your look: Bows and black
How do you feel in the outfit: Sexy and sophisticated
How do you describe your sense of style: Alternative high fashion





IMG_2411Name: Marc A. Streisand

From: Rhode Island

Occupation: President and Owner, Marc Allen Fine Clothiers

What are you wearing: Marc Allen Bespoke three-piece suit. Fabric was made of 130’s and cashmere with a mill finish (a texture to the cloth, but not quite a flannel.)

What inspired your look: I just came back from Italy where I attended Piti Uomo, the largest and most sophisticated luxury menswear show in the world. While I was there, I met with several designers and manufacturers, as well as forecasting agencies from around the world…In our discussions, we discussed some of the ways a man can take a simple style and create a sophisticated and fun look by using different fabrics and different cuts. In this look, I took a typical sport coat fabric and made it into a three-piece suit with Peak Lapels.

How do you feel in your outfit: I really enjoyed wearing this outfit, mostly because I was able to demonstrate that you can wear color without it looking garish and having the right fit allowed me to have a very comfortable feel.

How would you describe your style: I would describe my look as one that is powerful, crisp, clean and comfortable.



Name: Jill Marinelli

From: East greenwich, R.I.

Occupation: Personal Stylist

What are you wearing: A cape dress by Sophia Amoruso

What inspired your look: Well, my son told me I look like a wizard, but that was not my inspiration!  I think I was playing around with the combination of ‘naughty and nice.’

 How do you feel in your outfit: Like a boss.

How would you describe your style: I gravitate toward classic pieces that surprise me with an edgy or interesting element (like a cape!)  I also love understated sexiness, like an exposed back or the cutout of a d’orsay shoe.


Name: Gustavo Leon

From: Boston, M.A.

Occupation: Managing Editor/Creative for print and web for the Boston Herald

What are you wearing: Jacket and pants by Hugo Boss, black turtleneck by YSL, shoes by Zara, and scarf by Gianni Versace.

What inspired your look: My look is always inspired by comfort, where I’m going, and the weather/season.

How to you feel in your outfit: Confident. I’m very aware of what my personal fashion style is. Once you master the art of combining your taste, lifestyle, interests, desires and inspirations, you will always project your uniqueness once you enter a room. No fashion label can compete with that.

How would you describe your style: Classic with a twist. It just works for me, especially for those days when one needs to attend different events. From the boardroom to a night on the town; classic with a twist equals “one look fits all.”

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