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When you think of a true entertainer, you are probably envisioning Josh McBride. McBride always knew he was meant to reach the masses, and he has done so as an actor, journalist and entrepreneur.  He doesn’t care if you’re a viewer at home, a model just off the runway or a celebrity in an intense interview, he has made it his business to make you smile.  His bright attitude, zealous friendliness and warm demeanor make his joy absolutely infectious, and it all started when he was a just a little kid in Massachusetts.

why not check here TS: What were you like as a kid? Were there any early signs that you’d be a badass entrepreneur?

JM: As a kid, I was the one that was friends with everyone. I was the one that talked too much, that got in trouble, that if the teacher thought someone was talking, they would automatically assume it was me and I would get in trouble. It didn’t change as I got older. I was always the one chatting with my neighbor during a lesson plan, etc.

I always knew I wanted to run my own business, from the age of about 13. My grandfather was my inspiration. He ran various businesses, and I wanted to be exactly like him. When I turned 13, I had a bar mitzvah and became obsessed with the idea of being a DJ and having my own company. Within a year, I bought my own equipment and would start DJing school dances, weddings, private functions, all at the age of 14.

Photo by Andrew Fennell (1)TS: How did growing up in MA affect your dreams for adulthood?

JM: My dreams were never affected by location. I had dreams and I did think they would be made in NYC, but that didn’t hinder me from going to NYC every second I got a chance to. I have an agent in NYC that I have worked with since high school when I lived in MA who still works with me to this day. She saw something in me.

TS: When did you first realize you wanted to be in entertainment?

JM: At a very young age. I loved movies, the theater, the radio, TRL, etc.  I wanted to be Carson Daly, Robin Williams, and Maury all in one.

While McBride always knew he was meant to entertain, it wasn’t always obvious exactly how he was supposed to bring happiness and information to others. From kid-DJ to actor to journalist, it took a few years for McBride to find his way.

TS: You seemed to have taken a lot of different paths and tried out a few different careers.  Tell us a little bit about that journey and how you figured out what was best for you.

Photo by Andrew Fennell (2)JM: I always loved arts and entertainment. When I was young I loved acting. I loved communications. I remember being in high school begging KISS 108, the major hit radio station in Boston to let me intern there. For free, as much as they would need me or as little. I remember finally they allowed me to work there and I would have to wake up at 4:00 a.m. in the middle of summer and head to the station to gather news so the personalities could speak about what was happening in the world at 6:00 a.m. I remember being the youngest with all Emerson College students around me and I’m wondering “What the hell am I doing here?”

I loved trying new things. I loved working in front of a camera or behind a microphone. I loved to entertain. I loved to see people smile, and that, I knew, was my purpose for being put on earth.

TS: Where did your love of fashion come from?

JM: I never realized how huge the fashion industry is. I started attending fashion weeks a few years ago, and was stunned. I didn’t realize this many pieces had to be added to one piece of clothing for it to shine. For it to WOW. For it to make a statement on the runway or on a model. This was where it stemmed from.

TS: What made you want to act or to be a journalist? Were they connected at all?

Photo by Andrew Fennell (2)JM: I wanted to be an actor, as I wanted to entertain people. I don’t know if I ever connected to anything while acting, I just thought, “Ok, let me entertain whoever may be watching.” I realized this wasn’t what an actor was… So I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do. I loved the industry, I loved actors, I loved the camera… But I didn’t want to be the actor, I wanted to talk to the actor about what he or she was going through while developing their role, I wanted to see what it was like on set when the cameras came down. I wanted to see the backend part of the movie; why it was going to be a hit or not…. I love questions. I asked questions. That was my transition into journalism.

Once he found his niche as an entertainer, McBride realized that he had more to offer than a spot on someone else’s project. He had passion, drive and, most importantly, ideas.  All of these culminated in the innovative “Style Confidential,” a behind-the-scenes fashion and celebrity website founded by McBride in 2014.

TS: How did “Style Confidential” get started, and what niche did you believe you were filling by creating it?

JM: “Style Confidential” is a platform. I wanted to create something where it was CREATED video. Not video that was reblogged, not video that you had seen 100 times before.  It became a platform for my team to, not only, showcase their work but also create something no one else was doing. Giving you behind the scenes of Fashion Week, getting a celebrity to tell you what their confidential thing about them was… It was all a backstage look that most outlets don’t find out.

TS: How do you maintain the site? Is it just you doing all of the editing, writing, booking and videos, or do you have a team?

JM: I work on a team of four guys. A photographer/creative director, a website/graphic designer, and a videographer/editor.  I book the shoots and we send our team to go cover them.

TS: How do you choose which events and designers you want to cover?

JM: At this point, I have built relationships in this business with celebrities, publicists, designers, etc. We know whom we want to cover, who supports us, and whom we like to support.

McBride loves collecting information and sharing stories – his own or those of celebrities, designers, models and more – with people who don’t have the same access. While he loves any opportunity to get to know more about someone, there is one in particular that he can’t get enough of.

TS: What is your favorite reporting experience? Live events, sit down interviews, etc?

JM: I LOVE ‘sit downs.’ Sit downs are the best. You get to talk to a person who is, somewhat, influential and break them down. You also get to develop a relationship with them and, hopefully, get to ask the deeper, funnier questions as you have built a trust with them. Example: I sat down with Eve, the rapper. She was the sweetest. We talked forever, and I finally felt comfortable to ask if she still had tiger paws printed on her breasts….  In case you are curious…they are still there. And no, she didn’t show us.

TS: What’s your favorite topic to report on?

JM: I mostly cover entertainment. I would say my favorite time to report is when a celebrity is in a bad mood. THAT’S MY FAVORITE. You are probably asking “why would anyone want to report while someone is moody?” I look at it like a challenge. A few weeks back, I was in the studio with Kenny G. He was rushing to record four songs to release to Sirius XM. He was rushing and didn’t like how he recorded the last track. Unfortunately, we were on a time crunch as was he. He didn’t seem very excited that he had to have an interview with me, but when he sat down, it was a challenge for me to brighten his day. We chatted about him not being picked for band, how he helped build Starbucks, and by the end of the interview when the publicist told me to wrap up, Kenny said, “What? That’s it? Can’t we talk for more? This was so fun.” That’s why I do this job.

TS: Is there anything left that you haven’t tried yet?

JM: I would love to host a reality TV show competition on a remote island. I think it would be challenging and I have never done it before.

TS: Where do you see 2015 taking you?

JM: Boy, that’s a huge question. I am hoping to continue to grow in my space. I would love to continue the path with OK!TV and perhaps grow to a larger position there.

Josh McBride may seem to be the entertainment Superman of New England – and he is – but his passion and amiable attitude make him feel like a best friend that has all of the best stories, and we just can’t get enough of him. To see Josh McBride in action, visit

Check out Josh’s interview with rapper, Eve:

Josh’s Hosting Reel

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