buy prednisone australia official statement CR6A0011By Jaclyn Pelopida

Modeling for big-named companies such as Macy’s, Sears, The Children’s Place, Spencer’s and Claire’s, it may come as a shock to you that Makenzie Shea is only 10-years-old, making her the youngest model to grace the pages of Trade Secrets! The youngest of six siblings (she has three older brothers and three sisters), Shea is the comedian in the family and loves making everyone laugh. She also enjoys being the youngest because she likes getting all of the attention.

Just like any regular kid, Shea has a favorite color (turquoise), a favorite food (bacon), a favorite book series (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and a favorite animal (panda bear) “because they look adorable,” said Shea. What may surprise you about this little girl is that she has big aspirations, as Shea tells us, “Did you know that when I grow up I want to be a computer engineer? Many people tell me I’m addicted so I’m trying to not be on it so much.”

TS: “What is your nationality?”

MS: “I am a little bit of everything! I am Irish, Italian, Portuguese, English and German.”

TS: “How would you describe yourself?”

MS: “I think I am energetic and funny.”

TS: “How long have you been acting/modeling?”

CR6A0035MS: “I have been modeling since I was three-years-old.”

TS: “How did you get started?”

MS: “My mom met the owner/designer of a children’s clothing company who offered to let me model in the catalog.”

TS: “What made you want to become a model/actor/actress and why?”

MS: “I saw the kids on TV and in catalogs and I wanted to do that. I would like to be on a TV show someday.”

TS: “What was the last modeling/acting job that you did?”

MS: “I did a runway show and modeled clothes from Mod Mama. It was a lot of fun!”

TS: “What has been your most memorable modeling or acting job so far? What made it memorable?”

MS: “StyleWeek Northeast was my favorite job so far because I felt like a supermodel. We even got to do ‘press’ after with the designer!”

TS: “What obstacles have you had to overcome in order to become successful?”

MS: “Getting over my fears and being shy on stage.”

CR6A0069TS: “What article of clothing do you currently have in your closet that makes you look and feel your best? Why?”

MS: “I have summer dresses that I like to wear with flip flops in the summer. They make me feel pretty!”

TS: “What clothing store do you love and find yourself going to most when shopping?”

MS: “My favorite store is Justice. The clothes are very sparkly and I love sparkly!”

When we asked Shea what she loved most about being on the computer, her answer is both fitting and wise beyond her years as well. “I love when we do coding at school. I want to create games and websites. I love being on the computer but sometimes I get in trouble because my mom says I am addicted to it! Then she makes me go outside and play.”

TS: “What sports do you play?”

MS: “I play soccer and I dance on a competition team. I also take gymnastics.”

TS: “What’s your favorite form of exercise?”

MS: “Running, because I am really fast.”

TS: What was your best vacation/travel experience?”

MS: “I went to Virginia Beach last summer. We got to see the dolphins swimming outside of our hotel. That was fun.”

TS: “What’s your favorite TV show of all time and why?”

MS: “I love the show ‘Every Witch Way’ because it’s all about witches and they cast spells.”

TS: “How many pets do you have, what are they, and what are their names?”

MS: “I have two dogs, Bailey and Mollee, a guinea pig named Charlie and a fish named Tybalt.”

TS: “Which season do you prefer and why?”

MS: “Summer is my favorite season because I get to go in my pool and I get to play with all of the neighborhood kids.”

TS: “What is your favorite holiday and why?”

MS: “Easter is my favorite holiday because I love hunting for eggs with my family in the morning and it is close to my birthday. My family all comes over our house and I get some presents too!”


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