UntitledBy LisaMarie Dwyer and McCall Kelly

Parties are fun; planning parties for some people…not so much. They always seem like a good idea until it’s the day of, and you have a laundry list of things to do all in a matter of a few hours. To top it off, not only is your party space expected to look flawless but you too are somehow supposed to be dressed and presentable all on deadline! If this is your recurring nightmare, we’re here to help with the party planning blues!

http://lakesidemarinahickory.com/boat-rentals In with the new AND the old!

Create a timeless table look by mixing old and new glassware. Modern and sleek wine glasses can offset mason jar water glasses in a really unique way. Also consider adorning your table with wicker baskets and teacups to create a relaxed and vintage easy summery feel.

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If you put away your holiday lights, hopefully they aren’t too hard to find! Light up your outdoor space with your old lights. Stringing lights along your patio or around your backyard provides eye-catching decor and will be sure to light up your party when the sun goes down.  Add some candles or tiki oils… The best part is that they can stay up all summer so you don’t have to worry about decorating every time, for different guests!

enter site You’re in luck when you have a potluck!

Pick a theme, pick a dish and leave the rest to your guests! A themed potluck is a sure fire way to get your friends excited for your summer get together. You can either assign everyone a part of the menu or let them get creative and surprise you.  Just provide the basics and some desert! That way you can stop slaving over the stove and worry about more important things, like the drinks!

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Summer time is the perfect time to make some fruit infused refreshments.  This can be a great alternative to sodas and spritzers, while also adding a splash of color to your table with the fruits. This is a guaranteed party pleaser that will save you time and money when shopping.  All you need is the fruit and your kitchen sink! Over night, you can fill up an old-fashioned Nantucket drink jug with water and slice up some fruit for a tasty party drink. Some other fun hints for ease in planning – Leave out some liquor bottles and let the guests mix their own drinks.  Provide some recipe cards and some mixers.  Premixing signature drinks in a large dispenser is also a fun way to bring out a party theme!  Shhh…it also makes it easier on you! No one will ever guess how you possibly had time to put on makeup!

The Little Things

You don’t have to break the bank when trying to break the summer heat this year. Focus on the little details when it comes to putting your space together, your friends are sure to love it! Embrace your color palette and run with it. Start with a simple white linen table cloth or a burlap table runner, add colorful tooth picks, drink labels, even mix-match some colored utensils! Use greenery as your centerpieces and dollop in some colorful flower stems or even drink umbrellas.  Be creative and have fun!

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