SkintoneBy Cassie Brewer

Unfortunately, not every cosmetic company provides a wide enough range of shades to meet the needs of every skin tone. However, some lines do offer a pretty broad selection.

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For example, Clinique offers 22 shades of their Superbalanced formula and 30 shades of their Even Better Makeup SPF 15. Mac is another personal favorite, with their Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 coming in an impressive 30 shades! Finally, drugstore brands like Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation comes in 18 colors, and L’oreal True Match comes in 33 different shades!

Find Your Skin Tone

Most complexions can be broken down into the following categories, which encompass a subset of shades: pale, fair, olive, medium brown, rich brown, or mahogany/espresso. If you don’t know where you land on the spectrum, the following guide should help!

  • Pale — This type burns easily and doesn’t tan at all. Instead, it just turns red and angry. If this describes you, you’re likely to have lighter hair and eyes, although this isn’t always the case. Perhaps you freckle. For this skin type, it’s imperative that you wear a high SPF moisturizer or sunscreen everyday–even when it’s overcast. This will help you avoid sun damage and early signs of aging.
  • Fair/ Beige — Typically this skin type burns, but on rare occasions, can tan. However, it’s not advisable. SPF 30 daily should be a part of every fair skin routine.
  • Olive — You probably tan pretty well, but you can still burn. Don’t forget proper sun protection, of at least SPF 15-30.
  • Medium brown — You tan well and a wide range of colors look great on you–you rarely look washed out. However, don’t forget your SPF 15 to prevent sun damage and premature wrinkles!
  • Rich Brown — Skin will tan easily without burning. You might have brown or hazel eyes. Even though it may seem silly (you tan so well, you make everyone around you jealous) don’t forget your sunscreen, too! SPF 15 should do the trick.
  • Mahogany/ Espresso — You never burn, and you can tan very quickly. However, SPF 15 in a moisturizer is important for you.

Sunscreen for Everyone!

If you’ve noticed a recurring theme in this article, it’s this: wear sunscreen. Period. Skin tone doesn’t matter…sun damage can happen to anyone. Whether you prefer physical or chemical iterations, find a brand and sunscreen formula that’s right for you.

Skin Type: Oily, Dry, and Combination

  • If you have oily skin, Neutrogena Dry Touch might be a great option.
  • Dry skin? Several Aveeno moisturizers contain sunscreen, protecting you from UV rays while nourishing skin with soy complex and other goodies.

Don’t hesitate to ask your local drugstore or department store beauty expert for recommendations. And if you can, experiment with free samples before you buy.

Hopefully, this guide helped! What’s your favorite foundation and/or moisturizer? Let us know your thoughts!

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