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By Cinzia Antonelli

At last, with June, the long awaited and dreamed of summer has arrived! With the first warmth and brightness from the Sun, the one thing we all like to do is to head out to our beautiful beaches and get ready for a tan, that we can show off, even topless!

But, when it comes to the subject of going topless, Italy is literally divided in two, as we either face this delicate topic or feel that the idea is morally questionable. The so-called supporters of the ‘topless movement’ make very loud proclamations about it, while many are shocked by it.

In Italy, there are no regulatory restrictions for going topless; since March 2000, our laws have allowed bare breasts exclusively at the beach.

The first topless beach was launched in San Francisco in 1964, and was soon exported to Europe with great success on the French beaches of Saint-Tropez. Laudably worn by many sex symbol icons and such fascinating blondes as Paris’ Brigitte Bardot, the eccentric and rebellious fashions of the 1960s were inspired. Bardot, as we all know went from being a French film star to the most photographed woman in the world in the blink of an eye, and was even the subject of one of Andy Worhol’s famous paintings.

The topless movement was a real feminist claim, when in 1969, and the Woodstock Festival, many women bared their breasts, asserting their sexual independence. They emphasized their personal freedom to choose to wear what they wanted, even with provocative attitudes like baring in public. During that period, they also discharged of the classic bra, which for centuries, women had been slaves to, as feminists in the United States, during the Miss America contest, burned their bras in a pile.

Of course, this liberating attitude was also exported by us here in Europe and in Italy.

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, on our Italian beaches, it was not uncommon to see many women without the top half of their swimsuit, and it was considered “different” for those who dared not to expose their breast.

Here in Italy, the trend of going topless has had its ups and downs. There were times when it was more widespread, and it took turns with other fads where showing bare breasts on the beach was not considered so cool by many.

A few years ago, to dampen some of this fashion of toplessness, there was the publication of the book, “Bodies of Women, Men Looks. S
ociology Topless,” in which the author, Jean Claude Kaufmann, says there are a number of rules to follow when we are going topless. Each woman, according to Kaufmann, must respect a precise and strict code of behavior, according to your fitness level, your age, culture and the type of beach where you are. In other words, he felt there were real moral ethics to be respected.

Today, after winning their legitimate rights and freedoms, and even though they can express themselves as provocatively as they want, many women seem to have gone in the opposite direction, preferring to cover a bit more of themselves. It’s no longer a matter of freedom, but following most of the rules dictated by societal mores and the fashion industry. In fact, just for summer 2015, the biggest beachwear fashion designers are offering up a little more good taste in the swimsuit experience, inspired by the ‘50s. The trends that will definitely not go along with the custom of those who want to go topless are, precisely, the one-piece swimsuits and the high waist bikini.

Despite all this, however, unlike the dictates that fashions put on us, lately, I have seen on many popular Italian magazine covers, several movie stars proudly exhibited their breast sunbathing. The famous international movie star, Sharon Stone, was recently “paparazzata” (the new word coined from ‘Paparazzi’ – photographers who follow famous people around in order to get pictures of them to sell to a newpaper or magazine. In this case “paparazzata” is the past tense of “paparazzare”) while

wearing a beautiful monokini (swimsuits without the piece up) on our wonderful Italian Pantelleria Island.

In Italy, there are numerous beaches for t
hose who go topless and they are scattered throughout the Peninsula; the most beautiful and fashionable are those of Capalbio, Rimini, Riccione, Giglio Island, Milano Marittima and Forte dei Marmi.

Although there is absolutely no crime to going topless at the beach, when packing for your vacation, if you do not want to take the top piece of your swimsuit, you would do well to learn the habits and customs of the local people, before going to their beaches. The fact is – we still have several beaches where going topless is not tolerated, and many mayors of the seacoast areas reserve the right to draw up local regulations, about whether or not you can go topless.Topless_woman,_Burgau,_Portugal

For us Italians, there is on old adage that says, “The world is not the same, wherever you go.”

Nevetheless, guys and girls, topless or not, let’s go to the beach?

Ciao from Italy!

Cinzia Antonelli.

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