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If you like cars or fashion and live in New England, chances are you’ve run into a spunky bowtied gent named Doice John.  John is a freelance host taking the Northeast by storm with his cheery attitude and unmistakable personality.  Whether it’s hosting parties, car shows, or Style Week, John brings an infectious jubilation to each event while making need-to-know information easy to absorb.  Now it’s time to get to know the man behind the bowtie. TS: Tell us a bit about your childhood. Where are you from, and how did your upbringing influence who you are today? Did you always know you wanted to be a host?

DJ: I am from Detroit, Michigan. I love my hometown so much! Even though I don’t think the public realizes how awesome and nice a of gem DTown is. I appreciate being from Detroit.  We Detroiters are a spirited bunch who are very passionate about many things. I feel that that “Detroiter spirit” helps me in hosting.

​Growing up, I always knew I wanted to tell a story and entertain people. I thought the path to doing that was through acting. So I tried my hand at being an actor. If you do a deep Google search you may find some funny clips. But there was something about pretending to be another character that I was not able to grasp. If you saw me trying to act, it always just seemed like I was being myself instead of the character I was assigned to portray.

I took every class you could think of Strasberg, Stanislavsky, etc.… I remember a defining moment during an acting exercise. We were sitting quietly with our eyes closed and vocalizing “gibberish”. The assignment was to bring about an authentic feeling. I peeked out of my left eye to the girl next to me and she was bawling crying. I peeked out of my right eye to the guy on the opposite side and he was deep in anger. I could not bring any emotions outside myself but laughter. I realized at that moment that acting was just not my thing. Now don’t get me wrong, I lov1491506_10202758639476219_1009999707_oe actors. Actors inspire the masses to dream and that’s an amazing skill to have. I just realized that I’m going to have to inspire dreams a different way.

TS: What did you study in college, and how did it prepare you for the real world of hosting?

DJ: I majored in communications in college. Communicating is almost 100% of what I do so it was integral in adding to the technical skills of being a host. I will say that the greatest skills that relate to hosting were obtained outside the classroom by just doing it.

TS: When did you realize that you could really do this as a full-time job?

DJ: I realized that this could be a fulltime position once I began working for auto shows doing presentations and public speaking. I became surrounded with people who were monetizing their public speaking abilities, while getting to pepper in the flavor of their personalities with the topics they were covering.

Like many in the entertainment industry, John feels that his most valuable le
ssons were learned in the field. However, that doesn’t mean they were always easy.  Through trials and tribulations, John has grown into a diverse and recognizable host.  These attributes piqued the interest of COX media, for whom he is now a frequent face.

TS: Is there anything you weren’t prepared for or had to learn on the spot?

DJ: With a name like DOICE, you are expected to know how to pronounce any and EVERY name you encounter. That really has been my hardest thing, pronouncing names. One of the worst things you can do (and yes I’ve been there) is mispronounce a name multiple times.

TS: How do you tackle an interview on the fly?

DJ: The biggest skill with doing an interview on the fly is listening! Build your next question from the subject’s previous answer. If not it will be stale and the interview will have no life.

TS: How did you begin working for Cox?

DJ: I was working a high-end event in Boston that involved me engaging an audience of people and making sure they felt excited about what was going on. I encountered a few representatives of COX and they fell in love with my
personality. They contacted my agency; saw my hosting reel and the rest is history.

TS: You have done interviews and hosted so many different types of events; how do you prepare for such different topics and which is your favorite to cover?

DJ: For me to always be on my toes it requires proper mental and physical preparation. I research who may be at an event, the history of people involved and potential subjects that may arise. For the physical aspect, working out and meditation helps to keep me quick and off the cuff. I also keep myself up to date concerning a variety of topics dealing with entertainment, science, health and wellness, etc. I love anything that deals with some sort of self-improvement or triumph. Those are my favorite subjects that I would like to add more of to my work.

Doice John has turned his personality into a career, but the entertainment buisness is a career that often forces personalities into a box.  John is determined to maintain his individuality – something that comes very naturally to him.

TS: You have such a significant personality – how do you maintain your own voice through a variety of events and subjects?

DJ: I told you Detroiters have big personalities.169279_10200155586481521_1982449758_o

Unless, I am speaking on something very technical or am being “ear prompted” I always try and let me personality “shine bright like a diamond”. That’s a Rihanna reference in case you didn’t know.

TS: How would you describe your personality – who is Doice John, the man and Doice John the brand?

DJ: Lol that question makes me think of Sybil … Wait you all may be too young to remember that reference. I see Doice John the man and Doice John the brand as not being mutually exclusive. Doice John the brand just wears better shoes lol. Doice John the man goes to the grocery store in sweats and a tee shirt that has a bow tie printed on it. I have to be careful though sometimes, I’ve been on dates before where the feedback was that they felt “interviewed.” Definitely not a good first date impression.

In the modern world, hosts need to permeate the internet just as much as events and television.  John is an expert at sharing his big personality in the digital world with funny pictures, motivational quotes and plenty of updates to become a friendly face to his acquaintances and clients alike.

TS: You’re somewhat of a social media star, posting inspirational phrases, fashion choices, and even tips like “rules to always being a gentleman.” How do you come up with these
ideas, and how do you feel social media connects you to fans or the industry?

DJ: My ideas for my social media come from things that occur in my life or observe others experiencing. My goal here in life is to uplift people. I want someone’s life to be better from knowing me and with social media you can do that on a larger scale and be connected with people all over the world.

TS: You were made into a meme recently – how did that come about and how did you feel when you saw it?

DJ: Back when I did stock modeling (before I knew better) I did a shoot where I was dressed as a doctor. Somehow, someone got those photos and made a pretty popular meme. I am not too thrilled with the subject matter of the meme, but it seems to be bringing people joy and laughter so I’m good with it!

TS: Any fashion tips for starting the summer off right?

DJ: Right now I am discovering how great of a fashion tip that exercising is. Regardless of your body type, going to the gym will give you a confidence that comes across and looks good on everyone. You will glow and *see Rihanna reference above*

Also you don’t have to spend major money for good clothes. Find a style that works with your body type and make sure it fits well. Experiment and be daring with colors….OOHHHH AND BOWTIES! Definitely throw a bowtie in the mix!

John gets his inspiration from two of the biggest names in television,  and turns that inspiration around and projects it to the world.  John wil gladly share his knowledge and motivation with anyone he can reach, stressing the importance of being comfortable in your own skin.

TS: Who is your biggest inspiration?

DJ: My two biggest inspirations are Oprah Winfrey and Ryan Seacrest. Oprah because I respect her ability to really get into the meat (or comparable protein source for my vegetarians) of a story. She really cares and wants the person to improve. Ryan Seacrest because he has the ability to adapt to any and every environment.  His wit and ability to be off the cuff will never be affected regardless of what is going on. I possess those skills within me and they improve with every moment.

TS: What advice would you give someone just starting out hoping to follow in your footsteps?

DJ: My advice would be just to work on being comfortable being yourself in front of an audience. Whether it is a camera or actual people. You can learn all the technical things easily, but being authentic and letting people in on who you are will make all the difference.21840_1324990973975_5718232_n

TS: What’s the craziest event you’ve ever hosted and interview you’ve ever done?

DJ: Craziest event was a party in Miami where there were suds and bubbles EVERYWHERE. I fell but recovered well. My craziest interview was back in the early days I interviewed a notable reality star and had NO IDEA who they were. They called me out on it, and although no one could tell (thanks to the extra melanin), my face was redder than my bowtie. My favorite event in the past few years has definitely been Style Week. It’s always a good time and such lovely people.

TS: Where do you see yourself 10 years in the future?

DJ: I still see myself covering entertainment based events and shows. In addition to that I will have a sit down talk show that covers topics on improving your life through goal setting and HAVING FUN while doing it!

Doice John is a rare human that takes pure pleasure in making others smile.  His cheery disposition and friendly demeanor makes him the light of any event he hosts, ensuring fun for everyone he meets.  To contact Doice John to host an event, visit the contact page at





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