cheap isotretinoin By Elizabeth Phinney

I am sure by this point you have either learned from personal experience or read somewhere that diets simply don‘t work.  But, do you know why they don’t work?

You go on a diet, whatever diet, you lose the weight (or not) only to gain it back again, usually more than you lost.

There are several reasons diets don’t work:

  • The calorie intake is often too restrictive, the body thinks it is starving so it holds onto the fat!
  • The restrictive food allowed is boring.
  • Sugar is rarely a part of any good diet and as mentioned in last month’s article, “Ways To Eat Smarter,”<_jun_2015/111?e=0 sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine!!
  • Diets are temporary. They are not part of your lifestyle.

So, how do you createtape-403593_1920 your own diet?  Accepting that you are about to change the way you choose the food that you buy and put into your body, you need to find out what foods actually work best for your body.  We all assume that
our body can accept any kind of food.   Those with food allergies know better.  Many of us, however, have food sensitivities and don’t even know it.

The biggest culprit that has turned into a diet craze and a food industry coupe is the “gluten free” diet.  The only reason to go gluten-free is if, in fact, your gut is sensitive to gluten.  Gluten is the protein of gluten food products, mainly wheat, that helps the grain to keep its shape.  Some people are sensitive to these proteins and get discomfort in their gut when they eat them.  The only way to truly find out if you cannot tolerate gluten is to go without it for about 4 weeks.  Then, introduce one gluten product.  After 30 – 60 minutes plus, see how you feel.  If you physically have no reaction, then you have no problem with gluten.  After a day or two, try another gluten product, and see what happens with that one.  Continue this trial and error method of consumption and you will then know, for certain, how YOUR body reacts to all gluten foods.

This trial and error method is actually the best way to determine your sensitivity to buy cheap Clomiphene uk any food.  But, not just to identify food allergies or sensitivities.  You can use this method for more difficult foods to quit.  For instance, I LOVE ice cream.  When I gave up dairy to see if I was sensitive to it, ice cream was the toughest part of that (well, cheese was a bit tough, too!)  I quit for a month, and then slowly re-introduced various dairy products back into my life.  My first dish of ice cream tasted incredible.  About an hour later, I felt HORRIBLE, like a very bad hangover.  And that was that – my body was speaking to me and telling me that I really shouldn’t be eating the ice cream.  Same showed true as I slowly re-introduced each dairy product – my body does not like dairy, plain and simple.  So, I don’t eat it.

By depriving yourself of certain foods to determine your sensitivity, over time you can learn the best foods for YOUR body.  This program can literally take years.  But, when you spread it out over a longer period of time, the deprivation isn’t so bad and you are actually creating an amazing bond with your body.  You are listening to your body and respecting the commun
ication that your body is giving you.  What better way to grow old together than that!!

So, make up a list of all the foods you know you shouldn’t be eating, and some you might not think of like dairy and meat.  Then one at a time, give them up for a couple of weeks to a month.  Then, re-introduce it and see how you feel.  If you feel disc
omfort, it is your body telling you no.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to stop eating that food.  If you have no reaction or sensitivity to the food you re-introduce, then feel free to eat it.  If it is empty calories or “junk” food, then control the quantity.  And, if you are overweight and you have been able to give it up for a month, perhaps you should give it up all together until you get to a healthier weight.

The bottom line is that food is fuel and you truly are what you eat.  How you age and whatever aging issues happen to you are directly related to what you put in your mouth NOW.  That list includes cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, dementia, arthritis, high blood pressure and heart disease.  Learn to respect your body and eat the foods that are most compatible with it.  That way, you and your body can be much healthier as the decades go by.

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