official source cytotec purchase canada “Professionally, I am a visionary, analyst and astute businessperson,” she says, when asked to describe herself, “Personally, I am a glass half- full kind of person! I always find the silver-lining in life and situations. This has helped me tremendously and allowed me to help others.”

Anna Foster grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, but spent a lot of time in Marblehead, where she attended school. With a Bachelor Arts from Suffolk University and a Juris Doctorate from Suffolk UnIMG_6218iversity Law School, this self-described Maven mastered the art of calling all the shots. TS: How did you get started?

AF: I have a business background, so I combined it with my love for fashion and events around 2010. I’m a true entrepreneur and I needed to create a business, which allowed me to control it, instead of it controlling me. It was well accepted from the beginning, because the hard work and quality was evident. I started organically with other business owners, close friends and family supporting my vision and it continued to grow from there. TS: How did “A Maven’s World” (AMW) come about?

AF: In October, 2014, A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand was launched. Although, we had
previously been operating under two separate businesses (Fleur De Lis Fashion and WWMI Events since 2010), we needed a more global brand, so A Maven’s World was perfect! The definitition of a “Maven” is a person in the know! A lot of time you hear the term “fashion maven” or “brand maven”. Because of my educational background and experiences, the name truly spoke to me and to those that support our brand. Additionally, it allows the brand to operate fluidly. This is what we want to transcend in our message. We do a myriad of different things we offer, however; whenever and wherever you see us, you know 1.) it’s going to be a positive movement, 2.) you are going to have a great experience and 3.) it’s going to be top-notch.

A Maven’s World is a feeling that you get, not just a product, event or service. This
is really what we offer!

TS: Give us a cliff notes version of the scope of what “A Maven’s World” does

AF: A Maven’s World is an Experience, figuratively speaking! Technically speaking, it is a Lifestyle Brand! So, long story short, our brand transcends into everyone’s life, in some form or fashion. We focus on Events, Business Consulting and Branding, Fashion Beauty and Home Products and Lifestyle! However, the reason it is successful, is not because of the products we offer or the events we manage and produce, BUT the feeling and emotion that they evoke from our supporters!

TS: How many AMW Business Affiliates do you currently have?

AF: Our Affiliate Program started in October, 2014. Affiliates are businesses that we work closely with and we can “certify” that they provide great service or products (through our own personal use and referrals). We normally carry anywhere between 15-20 Affiliates and we are looking to grow our Affiliate relationhips over the year. It really is an awesome service for those businesses that have registered. TS: And how does the business affiliation work? Do you find them or they find you?

AF: Affiliates usually find us. A lot of times, it is because they see how we handle our own brand and the support we receive. Based on my experience in business and branding, it really serves as a win-win for our Affiliates, as they receive ongoing consultations, business workshops, networking events, social media mentions and website presence on our site. So far, our Affiliate Businesses continue to do well and that makes us extremely happy! Scroll through her Facebook page, and you can’t help but notice the positive quotes tha tfill her timeline, and a healthy following that draw inspiration from them, or just simpley acknowledge the truthbehindthe statement. A great example is the #hashtag #LoveIsLove. We had to learn the stor behind it.

TS: How did your catch phrase #loveislove come about?

AF: Awwwww… thanks for noticing. I am of the mindset, if you offer “love” in
your business or personal, you should receive it! Everything we do at A Maven’s World is with our Customers/Supporters in mind, first and foremost, and that’s the experience we want them to feel when doing business with us.

TS: How do you procure the pieces that are featured in your trunk shows?

AF: We love doing Trunk Shows! It allows us to personally connect with our Customers and hopefully gain new ones in the process. Nothing like the personal experience, which is the foundation of our business and it’s growth.

Our product line (“Maven”) is curated through trade shows and expos. Additionally, we also work with Designers that speak to our market and what’s trending. Our Fashion, Home and Beauty Line is Private Label.

TS: What obstacles have you had to overcome in order to become successful?

AF: There will always be obstacles, especially for the Entrepreneur, but like I said I’m a half-full kind of person. So, I have to say I have been extremely blessed, with regards to being embraced in the industry. However, time management is always an obstacle! I’m a Mom to two children and a Wife! So, as much as I would like to attend every “fabulous event” and travel more for business, sometimes it just can’t be done.

TS: You have a very unique sense of style. In your own words, how would you descirbe your sense of style and what it says about you?

AF: Generally, I always describe my style as casually-chic! I love to be comfortable and still fashionably suited. Most of my day is spent in meetings or attending events, which means I’m working! I love to dress the part and I always incorporate at least one staple piece in the look!

TS: Do you have a favorite clothing designer and why?

AF: For high end designers, I love the designs of Alexander McQueen and Balmain, because they structurally make a statement. Avant Garde styles speak to me. I love pieces that stand out. Doesn’t have to be “in your face”, but something that people will notice.

On a more local level, I love the collectionIMG_6217 of Iam Kreyol and was just recently introduced to the collection of House of Cach at StyleWeek.

TS: You also coordinate an annual women’s event. Tell us about that. What motivated you to do that?

AF: The true essence of our business is the empowerment of others, thru a social environment. For the last several years, I’ve organized and produced an Annual Women’s New Year Brunch! We break bread, hear from speakers, shed some laughs and tears, lift each other up, network and leave feeling refreshed and ready to start the New Year strong! Luckily, we are able to do this through the platform we’ve created and every year we see new and familiar faces at the Annual Women’s Brunch, so that’s exciting.

TS: Who is the target audience at these events?

AF: The majority of women that attend
our New Year’s Brunch are entrepreneurs or h
igh level executives … however; all are welcome. Women share so many commonalities and that transcends to a bond, on many levels. The Event is usually the first Sunday of every New Year and the link to registration can be found on our website (under events) or posted on our Facebook Page, usually around November.

TS: You recently announced your affiliation with DirtyWaterTV. Congratulations! Tell us about what you will be doing there and what you hope to accomplish

AF: I am totally excited about this opportunity! I will be the co-host, alongside Sterling Golden (of 320 Entertainment) and Lisa Batista (Miss Brazil Massachusetts), of the segment “Boston VIPS”. Our Goal with “Boston VIPS” is to present a fun, engaging viewing experience, where we discuss what’s trending and exciting in the areas of arts, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle in Boston and it’s surrounding areas. It will air every weekend on

Foster’s goal, as she explains it, is to continue building her organization ‘A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand,’ and to always stay connected to their brand supporters. She wants to “continue to provide support to other businesses and brands in the process. Thesky is the limit and I’m always open to new opportunities.”

TS: How do you plan to meet your goals? AF: By continuing to provide a great service, through our events, Affiliate Program and by providing the best products for our Customers.

TS: What’s the biggest piece of advice you have for other up and coming entrepreneurs out there?

AF: Never become complacent and comfortable in your business. Continue to learn from every experiene and person that you encounter. You are never too established to learn more. Sometimes you will be the teacher, but most of the time in life, you will be the student and that’s okay!


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