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Applying a primer under your foundation is one of the secrets to an even complexion. Like priming a canvas before painting, these products prep the skin for a more flawless finish. A clear primer helps to fill in fine lines and pores giving the skin a smoother appearance. Because natural primers are typically silicone-based, they are ideal for oily and acne-prone skin.

Primers can also be dry-skinused to neutralize the color in your skin. The three popular shades of primer are mint, mauve, and yellow. Mint neutralizes ruddiness and redness in the skin which is great for skin with rosacea. You can also dab a bit of mint primer over a pimple or red scar to minimize the redness. Mauve is a great choice to liven up a sallow, yellow complexion. Opt for yellow to camouflage blue/black undertones in the skin before concealer or as a an alternative to the traditional concealer.

After completing your morning skin care routine, start with the areas in need of the most attention and apply primer
in a thin layer all over the skin.. or in specific areas in need of color correction. Allow to set for a bit. Then using a makeup sponge, “stipple” your liquid or cream foundation all over the face and finish with powder to set. Then apply the rest of your makeup. Because primers tend to adhere to the skin, be sure to cleanse the skin twice to make sure you remove all of the product. Tone to remove any residue and complete your nighttime routine.

Girl-face-primerAdding a primer to your routine does take a bit of practice. But once you get the hang of it, you will love how your makeup looks! Olga S. Hawwa is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist offering facial treatments, body/face waxing, and makeup lessons and on location. Visit her website at . And be sure to “like” Makeup & Image by Olga on Facebook.

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