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Wendy Lewis: Wearing Many Hats

By Jaclyn Pelopida

Wendy Lewis will be the first to admit that she wears a lot of hats, and not just the fashionable kind. Along with being a model for Donahue Models, she is also an advertising copywriter. When she isn’t writing freelance pieces, personal essays, songs or modeling, Lewis is performing for TEN31 Productions, punching things in martial arts classes, dancing, sewing or cuddling her two house rabbits, Ruby and Marty; she is also currently working on her first novel.


Reversing and Caring for Sun Damaged Skin

By Olga Hawwa

By August, our skin has enjoyed a lot of sunshine! And those of us in the Northeast look forward to this time of year and soak it all up as much as we can.  Because no sunscreen protects the skin 100% and most people are guilty of not applying enough or not reapplying often enough, all that fun in the sun takes its toll on our skin no matter how well we try to protect it.


The Importance of Family

By Cinzia Antonelli

From ancient times, the family has always played a primary role in our society. Right from birth, it is the first maternal reality, where every person finds their natural purpose within their family dynamic.

No one person is totally self-sufficient; we all need to complement one another, and so, the family is a reference point – a place where, every evening, when we return after suspending our daily activities, we face the serenity amongst us, and share our experiences at the end of the day.


StyleWeek Announces New Venue for Eleventh Season

StyleWeek Northeast returns for its’ eleventh season from September 14th-18th at the Ballroom at the Providence G to present Spring/Summer 2016 collections.  Currently, the five-day event will feature collections from returning designers Jess Abernethy, Antwan Byrd, Carissa Frazier, Jonathan Joseph Peters, Amy Stetkiewicz, Samuel Vartan, Angelica Timas and Sarah Prost who took a season off.  Season eleven will welcome Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Chaz Aracil, participants of StyleWeek’s student fashion designer competition Seed, Valentina Oppezzo and Jeffrey Dickerson, as well as Bianca Jones-Pearson, Susan Zemaitis and Angela Zampell.


Fashion for our Forces

By Valerie Langlais

A young, hip crowd turned out for Fashion for our Forces at the Emerald Lounge in Boston this year.  The annual event raises funds and awareness for the needs of our armed forces veterans; several were in attendance.


Closing Out Boston Caribbean Fashion Week

By Yemi Sekoni

After a full week of various events and activities that included fashion installations, exhibitions and a crafts and painting workshop, the final night of Boston Caribbean Fashion Week was held at Carson Place in Dorchester, M.A. on Saturday August 15.  After an entertaining opening carnival presentation by IMAS, Da Illest Designs and Grimas Camp, the show began in earnest.


Essential Time Management Techniques from EXPERT WORKING MOMS

By Rachel Silva

Let’s be honest, life can seem at times, for the working mom, to be nothing short of one big Rat Race some days.  And with the summer time laissez faire attitude coming to an abrupt halt  “that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility” mind set can make getting back into the September swing of things seem even more daunting.   Being a single mother, and working full time as an Elementary Reading Specialist, has posed some additional time management challenges for me in the past.


From Chic to Chikke

By Danielle Dube

Chic: a word used by countless writers, artists, designers to describe something you can’t quite explain; Elegance, class, modern lines, luxe fabrics, and a daring ability to do something completely new. None have taken that to heart quite as much as Angelica Timas, a dual-citizen of Portugal and the United States who has a keen sense of style and a unique take on ‘chic’ with her clothing line, Chikke.

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