By Jaclyn Pelopida | Photography and Videography by Valencio Small | Makeup by Sinn Vann | Hair by Danielle Dube

Nina De Martino is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a full-figure model and a special education teacher, but she’s also one of the fiercest Zumba instructors I’ve ever met. This Talent Talks article is especially important for me as De Martino is not only my regular Zumba instructor, but I’m personally lucky enough to call her a friend. If you need a great workout with high energy and moves to keep you shaking all night, De Martino’s Zumba class is the place to be. THE COSMETIC COUNTER

Don’t Look So Tired this Holiday Season…

By Olga Hawwa

It is often said the eyes are the mirror to the soul. Yet one thing many of us deal with at one time or another are under eye bags and circles, which can make us look older and tired. Not exactly the reflection we want to project to the world!

here A WINK FROM…Italy

Christmas; A Time for Gifts

By Cinzia Antonelli

The art of the gift is that we practice what is deeply rooted and ancient, but in our society, with the increasingly rampant consumerism, this noble gesture has become a “rite of consumption.”


Tis The Season To Be…….  *It’s Your Choice, Fill in the Blank*

By Lynell Masterson

Ahhhh, the holidays, aren’t they wonderful? All the added work, to do’s, overstimulation of events and to top it off, a diet laced with alcohol, sugar, carbs and heaviness, contributing to sluggishness in our bodies. It’s no wonder I look around at folks during this time of year and see their faces all scrunched up from anxiety. Our cocktail of choice being stress. That’s right, I said it was our choice. These choices we make on who we want to be while living life may not be aligned with who we truly long to be while living our life.


A Night with DVF

By Valerie Langlais

If you ask your favorite image consultant about “investment dressing,” inevitably the brand of Diane Von Furstenburg will come up.  Von Furstenburg, the woman, has been a fashion icon for decades and her brand, known affectionately as “DVF” has been dressing stylish women for nearly as long.


2015 Boston Fashion Awards

By Yemi Sekoni | Photos by AGAPEpiece Photography

The annual 2015 Boston Fashion Awards was held this year at the Stage Night Club in downtown Boston, M.A., to recognize the efforts and hard work of some of Boston’s most accomplished industry professionals ranging from fashion designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and models.  Also billed as a fund raiser to benefit The Great American Foundation, this fast paced, high-energy event featured several fashion shows, a VIP reception and an after party.


Holiday Gifts for That New Special Person….

By Rachel Silva

So you are recently dating and the holidays are now suddenly here.  What to do…. What to do…??? After all, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  No pressure at all though…right? A safe and seemingly obvious rule of thumb is DO NOT dish out a paycheck on a gift for this fairly new person in your life.


Dressing for the holidays

By Diane Capozzi

Dressing for the Holiday Season is so exciting, but always comes with the ultimate question: “What Should I Wear?”  Everything from office parties to glamorous soirées, we have eight styling tips that will take the guesswork out of what to wear.


Healthy Holiday Habits

By Elizabeth Phinney

First of all, gaining weight over the holidays is not a “normal” thing to do.  It, actually, is an abnormal thing we do in our eating and exercise behavior which causes us to gain the weight.  What has happened over the years is a victimization of our better habits.  We pretty much throw up our hands in surrender when it comes to all those delicious holiday meals and goodies.  And, so we indulge…and indulge…and indulge…


Shopping at Studio 15

By Price Sefa-Boakye

Jia Wertz’s inspiration behind Studio 15 was really just to be able to spend days doing something she loved while helping others who need it. She has always loved fashion, but also seen the frivolous side of the industry.

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