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ANASTASIA TSIKHANAVA; International Fashionista, Prima Ballerina

By Jaclyn Pelopida | Photo & videography by Valencio Small | Makeup by Sinn Vann | Hair & Wardrobe Styling by Danielle Dube

go to this site  If you haven’t heard of Anastasia Tsikhanava, you’re about to hear and see a whole lot more of her. Not only does she have a background in acting, modeling, ballet and fashion, she also just became an ESPN Sports model and will be appearing in ESPN’s 2016 calendar.

Come behind the scenes at Anastasia’s shoot


 How to Get the Perfect Red Lip

By Olga Hawwa | Photos and videography by Valencio Small | Model: Jena Seiber

Always sexy, always sultry, and always in style, the red lip is a makeup staple no matter what the trends… especially during the month of February!

Watch Olga’s video demo


The Legend of Giorgio Armani (Through the Years)

By Cinzia Antonelli

Having eighty years doesn’t prove that it is the prerogative only, of a genius like our King Giorgio (Armani), undoubtedly one of the greatest icons of Italian fashion.


 Five Ways to be a Great Lover

By Lynell Masterson

As February rolls around and the stores begin to fill with Valentine’s themed décor, it beckons me to stop and think of love and exactly what this L thing is all about. The dying question that is elusive to many, yet longed for by most.


Lost in Flirtation at the HOUSE of CACH

By Valerie Langlais

On January 31st, House of Cach hosted a pre-Valentine’s fete: Lost in Flirtation.   This gathering of artists, industry professionals and fashion enthusiasts was held in their showroom at 326 Carpenter Street in Providence: An intimate space combining a gallery-style showroom and the artists’ workspace.


Valentine’s Day Styling Tips; Look Flirty and Alluring, Without Showing Off Too Much

By Diane Capozzi

There are definitely mixed feelings when it comes to Valentine’s Day!


BATTLE DESIGNS; Measuring Success

First, I have to ask how do we measure success? For me I would have to say success is finishing a new collection, two or three times a year as well as making it newer than the last collect. Success is being recognized as a designer by not only by your peers, but by the general public…”

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