Mia Rocchio

By Jaclyn Pelopida

Even though Mia Rocchio is technically one of five children, she considers herself to be an only child. “I am my dad’s fifth child and my mom’s only child. Here’s what this means: My brothers and sisters are much older than me and were long out of the house by the time I came around. So, for all intents and purposes, I was raised as an only child,” explained Rocchio.

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To Prime or Not to Prime

By Olga Hawwa

Applying a primer under your foundation is one of the secrets to an even complexion.  Like priming a canvas before painting, these products prep the skin for a more flawless finish.   A clear primer helps to fill in fine lines and pores giving the skin a smoother appearance.  Because natural primers are typically silicone-based, they are ideal for oily and acne-prone skin.


Italians on the Road

By Cinzia Antonelli

With art, history, fashion, secular traditions, the cult of food and joy of living, for us Italians, another great passion is the world of motors.  We are well known around the world, for founding some of the most prestigious car manufactures; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat (today FCA) and Ducati.


Foods that can Sabotage Your Six Pack

By Nichole Rich, PhD.

You’ve probably heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen” and I like to add on to that by saying that abs can disappear in the kitchen too!  If you’re like most people who work out, you might spend endless hours at the gym taking classes, ramping up your cardio sessions and still feeling like that six-pack just won’t pop through.  Here you will discover some foods that may be hindering your progress towards getting the results you want.


Crosswalk Catwalk

By Valerie Langlais

It was a beautiful summer day on Thayer Street in Providence; sunny and 81 degrees without too much humidity.  The charming college community was a “people watcher’s” paradise: skateboarders buzzed past while shoppers strolled along carrying there finds.  The lunch crowd vied for coveted al fresco seating and various small dogs led their owners along the sidewalks.  At about 2:15, a loud whistle blew and models turned the sidewalk into the catwalk.


Celebrating the Red, Gold & Green

By Yemi Sekoni

Although it was a rather cool spring evening on the harbor, at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, it was definitely Island Time at their June “First Fridays” event.  Collaborating with Boston Caribbean Fashion Week (BCFW) to help promote the latter’s upcoming event in August, the venue was filled with members and non-members alike, to enjoy an assortment of proceedings that included music, dancing, tours, Zumba and a carnival showcase.

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A Night of Hidden Emotions

By Yemi Sekoni | Photos by Mark Oeullet

It was a night of “Hidden Emotions” at the runway show, put on by local designer, Maria del Carmen Mercado, one Friday night in June.  Held at Providence’s Tantric Night Club on North Main Street, the venue featured some light fare donated by Edible Arrangements and Chipotle Grill


How to Create Your Diet for Life

By Elizabeth Phinney

I am sure by this point you have either learned from personal experience or read somewhere that diets simply don‘t work.  But, do you know why they don’t work?

You go on a diet, whatever diet, you lose the weight (or not) only to gain it back again, usually more than you lost.


Anna Foster: Maven

By Yemi Sekoni
“Professionally, I am a visionary, analyst and astute businessperson,” she says, when asked to describe herself, “Personally, I am a glass half- full kind of person! I always find the silver-lining in life and situations. This has helped me tremendously and allowed me to help others.”
Anna Foster grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, but spent a lot of time in Marblehead, where she attended school.  With a Bachelor Arts from Suffolk University and a Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University Law School, this self-described Maven mastered the art of calling all the shots.


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