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By Jaclyn Pelopida

It only seems fitting that Katya Skinner is the cover model for our October issue since her favorite time of year is autumn. “I love autumn. My birthday, my daughter’s and my father’s birthday is in October. I love the cool crisp air, pumpkin-flavored everything and the smell of leaves. Fashion during the fall is the best in my opinion because you don’t have to wear a heavy winter coat to cover it up and can play with different styles of clothing from boots, to sweaters, hats and scarves,” said Skinner.


What’s HOT and What’s NOT

By Natasha Malone

What’s hot right now in kid’s fashion for the fall season?  What’s not hot? Here’s head to toe with what’s hot and what’s not.


Nick Jonas Flies Solo for First Time

By Jaclyn Pelopida

It’s been over two years since the infamous Jonas Brothers band unexpectedly split, leaving many fans heartbroken and wondering if the three brothers, Kevin, Joe and Nick would no longer be in the spotlight. Although the three brothers have all gone their separate ways, but still support each other’s paths, Nick Jonas has continued to make a household name for himself. From acting gigs like this season’s newest hit TV show, “Scream Queens,” to dating rumors about ex-fling Selena Gomez, Jonas’s main claim to fame is still his incredible voice.


Getting That No Makeup Look

By Olga Hawwa

As a makeup artist, I am often asked to create a “no makeup look” for talent on a photo shoot.

This translates into having the model or talent look like they have no makeup on, but are “camera ready”…which is important because a face is three-dimensional while a photo is two dimensional. If the features are not defined, the face can literally fall flat on camera.

Click here to watch Olga’s demonstration


Reality Shows in Italy

By Cinzia Antonelli

In Italy, as in the rest of the world, the phenomenon of reality TV has become increasingly rampant since 2000. At that time, our national television company imported foreign formats, and also produced their own, starring both regular people and famous ones, the so-called VIP.


Solve Everyday Problems by Dressing As Your Favorite Superhero

By Lynell Masterson

Halloween can be a fun time to put on your costume and be whoever we want. We have full permission to act a certain way and really step into a role that is naughty, playful or adventurous. What if I told you, that by dressing up, you could actually solve some of your everyday dilemmas? Wouldn’t that be great! Well then, let’s get started.



2016 Style Trends: Ready to Be Imported

By Ed Blum of Makeovers Salon + Spa in Easton, Mass.                                                                                 Top Stylist Was Chosen for Milan Fashion Week’s L’Oreal World Tour Team

It wasn’t all work and no play for Ed Blum of Makeovers Salon + Spa (of Easton, Mass., USA)during exclusive preview events leading up to 2015 Milan Fashion Week. This is where world-famous designers launch their latest collections. A highlight:  Blum was selected to join the L’Oreal World Tour as a Black Elite team member for L’Oreal Professionnel (#tourwithlp).  He could not have done it without the support of his business partner and wife, Norah Blum, as well as his immeasurably talented staff at Makeovers.


The Maven Turns One; Celebrating with Boston Fashion Week

By Valerie Langlais

The quaint Bostonian pub “The Brahmin” was alive with friendly faces, music, and food on August 27th.  It was the first anniversary for the lifestyle brand and true to the site’s philosophy, it was done with style.  This celebration of fashion included artists of hip-hop, soul, jazz and more.  An informal fashion show highlighted some of the brand’s modern bohemian looks and many of the brand’s popular items were on display for sale.  Beautifully patterned skirts and chic hats were accented with unique statement jewelry. The models looked strong, confident and feminine; just as a true maven should!


Boston Fashion Week Opens On the Sixth Floor

By Valerie Langlais

Hosted by Platform Downtown, Boston’s fashion elite turned out to officially open Fashion Week at the 100 Federal Street building.  The sixth floor space, albeit unfinished, was ablaze with color and life.


The King of Drama Steals the Show; At New York Fashion Week SS/16 Art Hearts Fashion

The final Runway show of Art Hearts Fashion ended in a dramatic and spectacular way at the Highline Hotel Refectory. Designer Furne One of Amato Haute Couture presented an immaculate and dramatic couture show. Not since the days of Alexander McQueen has such drama graced the runways of New York Fashion Week. The venue served as the perfect backdrop for a dark and romantic finale runway to a magical week of fashion presented by Art Hearts Fashion. French laces & tulle paired with stretch & acid washed denims for looks that were volumized and full of the designer’s mark of elegance and drama. Shoes by EMMETT Shoes and Hades Footwear made special appearances in the “Love is a Battlefield” collection by Amato Haute Couture and in the “One Rose” collection by Mister Triple X decadently accentuating the designer’s looks. 


Halloween Costumes….When is Too Little Ok????

By Rachel Silva

Halloween is fast approaching.  For adults who dress up and attend Halloween parties many people ponder over that burning question.  What on earth am I going to wear to this thing????? You think about it, obsess about it, look up the hottest trends on line and scour through the multitude of homemade costumes on Pinterest.


10 Minutes is Better Than No Minutes!

By Elizabeth Phinney

With an expertise in Fitness after Forty Five, I have come to understand and to physically know that 10 minutes of exercise doesn’t really do much of anything except make you feel like you did something, that day, for your body.  And, that is a good feeling, both for yourself and for your body!!  Depending on 10 minute workouts will not get you in shape, nor will it help your muscles get too much stronger.  To really build muscle tissue in such a short period of time, you need pretty heavy weights and heavy weights always lead to injury eventually.

Click here to watch Elizabeth’s demonstration


Cool Coats That Will Keep You Warm – Top Fall 2015 Outerwear Trends

By Laura Rossi Totten

First impressions are lasting impressions and this especially applies to your outerwear!  Luckily, the options this fall in outerwear combine top trends with classic styles that will make your first impression a lasting one.


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