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Just as we begin to wind down the various Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion- & Style- Weeks everywhere, we present this issue’s cover story: StyleWeek Northeast, in Providence R.I.  Featuring fifteen new and veteran designers from around New England, the shows were staged in a new and hip venue, the Providence G ballroom, which buzzed with a palpable energy that was very dynamic. Check out our rundown of all the shows as well as an embedded video clip of the new runway showroom.

…And check out the StyleWeek runway room


Also check out the Trade Secrets team’s choices of the most stylish man and woman each night at StyleWeek.  Our picks are based more on the creativity and uniqueness of the look, than on the trendiness; so we invite you to let us know what you think!


For Elizabeth Phinney, it is a marvel how something so relaxing can be so tough to do.  Stretching, that is.  So when are you supposed to stretch? For how long? In fact…, do you really need to do it…? She answers those questions.

Click to watch Elizabeth’s demonstrations


Kayla Caulfield has lived the actual “School of Rock” life. She was the lead singer of her school rock band, Deep Freeze, and she loves everything about the 70’s. Jaclyn Pelopida pulls back the curtain on this self-described ‘flower child.’

Go behind the scenes with Kayla at her shoot


In July 2015, Taylor Swift rocked out to a sold out crowd at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, M.A. and Jaclyn joined 60,000 fans to see Swift in action as she celebrated her top-performing album, “1989.”


Coconut has really been enjoying the spotlight, lately, and so we asked Olga Hawwa to enlighten us on the benefits of this versatile fruit from cooking to skin care, and its many beneficial properties.


As well as having a long and fascinating history, Italy also carries a long tradition in sports, and boasts a vast number of successes.  Cinzia Antonelli takes us through the history of the various favorite athletics, including soccer, cycling and even motor racing.


If you search on the internet for advice on your first model shoot, almost every article will remind you to wax, moisturize, wear nude undergarments, and so much more. Although these items are important to look professional for a shoot, Melissa Damon explains why it is, equally, important to remain safe during a shoot.


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