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STYLEWEEK Season 12!

By the Trade Secrets Team | Photography by Valencio Small

Welcome to the 12th Season of StyleWeek – Fall / Winter 2016!  Once again, Founder Rosanna Ortiz and her hard-working crew were on the pulse and ready to showcase all things fashionably creative in New England!  The horseshoe runway at the swanky Providence G was en fuego with collections that spanned decades gone by and yet to come!



…And Our Picks for StyleWeek’s Most Stylish…!

By the Trade Secrets Team |Photography & Videography by Valencio Small | Correspondent: Jordan Donahue

Along with our StyleWeek coverage, we always have a little fun as our writers also make their picks for most stylish each night.  With Rhode Islanders being known for having a mostly casual dress culture, it is always refreshing to see the sharper looks when they choose to turn it up.  And we went all out this time – incorporating video interviews, so you can read, or watch.  Or, of course, do both!




By Jaclyn Pelopida | Photography & Videography by Valencio Small | Makeup by Sinnarith Vann, |Hair by Danielle Dube |

The one phrase that Chanelle Melton constantly hears? “Chanelle, quiet down!” Melton’s mother would say that to her as she’d dance and make noise all around the house. When asked the best way she could describe herself, Melton said “over the top and always trying to get myself into something when I’m bored.”

Watch Chanelle’s behind the scenes video here



Nick Pro Releases Debut Mixtape “Harsh Reality”

By Jaclyn Pelopida

Rhode Island rap sensation Nick Pro released his debut mixtape, “Harsh Reality,” on Friday, February 5, 2016. “Harsh Reality” is an in-depth presentation of the dark days as well as the vibrant new beginnings. It takes you through a series of songs that start the album with hard-hitting beats and hard-hitting lyrics. Pro’s style represents an old soul with a new flavor that is distinctly heard throughout the mixtape. Pro had previously released three singles off of the album, “Pure Gold,” “Monopoly,” and “Closer to God,” to get the hype started and leave the listeners salivating for more.



Makeup Tips for the 50+

By Olga Hawwa | Photography & Videography by Valencio Small | Model: Melanie Deak

As any woman over 50 can attest, the body undergoes a lot of changes as we age… and the skin is no exception.   Over 50 skin can experience lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, increased sensitivity, dryness, and sagginess due to factors which include sun exposure, lifestyle habits, and biological changes such as menopause, as the skin changes, so should our skin care routine.

Watch Olga’s demonstration here



What’s the Weather Like in Italy…?

By Cinzia Antonelli

The Italian peninsula is located right in the center of the Mediterranean, which directly influences its climate.  Climatically, it presents a large variety of factors, which depend on its orography, from its considerable size in latitude, by the presence of an arc mountainous such as the Alps and the Apennines and the presence of the seas that surround us.



Art Hearts Fashion Welcomes the Best of Serbia Fashion Week to New York Fashion Week

Designers Marina Micanovic, Zvonko Markovic Couture, and Bata Spasojevic showcased wonderful collections with European flair.



Fashionable Springtime Party Décor Ideas

By Pleshette Cobb

When you are headed out for a chic night on the town or you just want to impress that special someone…What do you do?  Well…you may do an array of things, but there are at least three main areas that you pay close attention to before the world is graced with your presence; the outfit… the accessories…and the fragrance.  You want to look and smell amazing to awaken all of the senses when you walk into a room!



Rocking the Denim on Denim Look

By Diane Capozzi

When I sat down to write this article, I thought I should take a peek in my very own closet to see all the denim I own.  Wow!  Let’s just say, I might need Denim Anonymous (DA).  To let you know, I was born and raised in Oklahoma.  I can’t begin to count the number of reasons why I left… one of them being the fashion sense of a small country town.  So, for God’s sake, steer away from the cowboy look!  Not sure what I’m referring to?  Do not, and I repeat, don’t finish your look with a cowboy hat, cowboy boots or that huge buckle belt that you won at the recent rodeo.

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