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KORRIE HOOKS; Elegantly Clumsy

By Jaclyn Pelopida | Photos & Video by Valencio Small | Makeup by Sinnarith Vann | Hair & Wardrobe by Danielle Dube  Although humans aren’t known to have super powers like Batman or Superman, Korrie-Elizabeth Hooks has a physical power and a mental super power. “I use my height as a source of power, if everyone’s eyes are going to be focused on me I make sure I give people something influential to see. I also love to learn, being intelligent is my superpower the more I learn the greater I become,” said Hooks.



Elizabeth McLaughlin, Driven to Excel

By Jacqueline Youngdahl | Photos by HZ Photography

Kent Stetson Handbags are making their way up in the fashion industry. But handbags cannot just carry themselves into fame; they have to be promoted, they have to be known, they have to be seen in the right hands. That is why Kent Stetson handbags fell into the hands of Elizabeth McLaughlin



Fun Quirky Ideas for Your Themed Party this Season

By Pleshette Vonner

The birth of DIY (Do it Yourself) websites such as has ignited individual creativity to the masses in a way that gives us the confidence to imitate what others have already done. It is a widely acceptable social “plagiarism” that encourages us to copy and recreate the ideas of others coupled with our own personal touch.



Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird? A Plane? It’s David Josef and

Fashion to the Rescue

By Valerie Langlais | Photos by Dan Busler & Iggy Photo

Faster than a concealed zipper; more powerful than a corseted top; (we’re not sure about his ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound) Boston’s favorite and not-so-mild-mannered designer, David Joseph has again transformed into a superhero to benefit Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary.



When “How Are You?” Is All You Need to Say

By Lynell Masterson

Last month we talked about how carrying your body and the way we move can affect feelings about yourself. It is also true that words we speak are attractors for the type of life we want to be living.



Italy’s Best Known Inventions and the Names Behind Them

By Cinzia Antonelli

Italy is well known around the world for being the birthplace of famous inventors who have excelled in every field, undoubtedly leaving an indelible mark in history.  Since ancient times, Italy has given birth to visionary minds and geniuses, whose inventions have helped to change the world, taking a leading role in the daily lives of us all.



Dating in a World Where Dating is found on an App

By Jaclyn Pelopida

Dating in your 20s in the 21st century is nonexistent. There’s no romantic dinner dates or phone calls or even such a thing as flowers. Instead, we’re gifted with the ability to easily swipe left or right and instantly have a warm body to lay next to at the lonely hour of 2 a.m. But then again, isn’t instant gratification the theme of my generation?



A Peek Inside Spring Colors

By Ray Lorraine

Last minute hair and makeup touchups, garments being adjusted, and models nervously laughing with feelings of anticipation surround the backstage area.  The lighting brightens and the PA system sounds.  It’s show-time for Spring Colors 2016 at the Providence Marriott.



Quick Wedding Makeup Tips for Brides

By Olga Hawwa | Photos & Video by Valencio Small | Model: Katya Kouptsova

The wedding day is one of the most important days of a woman’s life! In preparing for this wonderful day, don’t forget to plan your makeup.   One thing to keep in mind is how your skin and makeup looks that day is really about the photography. Your photos are your keepsake of this memorable day for years to come!



Looking Sharp: The Importance of Good Tailoring

By Diane Capozzi

We all want to look & feel our best & make a great first impression, right?  Without speaking a word, you are already saying so much about who you are as a person when it comes to your appearance & that includes how you look in your clothing.

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