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Natasha Di Fiore: Never Look Back

Photography and Videography by Valencio Small | Makeup by Sinnarith Vann | Makeup by Danielle Dube | By Jacqueline Youngdahl

To believe in something is to believe in everything. Being in the United States means that you are allowed to practice any religion that you chose to, whether to be Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age or Christianity.  For Natasha, it is her insatiable love for God that has projected her into the career that she has worked so hard for



I am Kreyol; A Haitian Movement

by Jacqueline Youngdahl

Photos Courtesy of I am Kreyol

Happy Accidents do not come often. They come when you are least expecting them and you don’t know where you will end up after. Imagine becoming a fashion designer…by accident.



From Constructing to Designing: The Story of Jeffrey Dickerson

By Jacqueline Youngdahl

Photos Courtesy of Jeffrey Dickinson

When you see a building made of glass, metal, brick, concrete, cinderblock or wood that is all you see. But Jeffrey Dickerson sees so much more than that.



Picking the Right Sunglasses for Your Face

By Diane Capozzi

Days are getting longer which means more sunshine! Let’s be honest, when searching for the right pair of sunglasses, thinking about adequate UV protection from overexposure to harmful ultraviolet rays is the last thing on your mind.



The Art of Expressing Yourself

By Lynell Masterson

Often I will work with people on getting comfortable with who they are, what they want, all the while digging into what they value most in life. This is such a fun part of my job because it can be a creative way to approach who we long to be.



It All Starts with A Solid Foundation

By Olga Hawwa

Foundation is a great makeup product for evening out skin tone, concealing blemishes and other imperfections, and for reducing redness in the skin. Choosing the correct foundation for your skin tone and skin type is essential for a flawless look.



Kyle Jenner: From Yeezy to Puma

By Jacqueline Youngdahl

Kylie Jenner has signed with Puma officially for the Spring/Summer women’s training campaign that was launched in April of this year. But what about the Yeezy line? What about Kanye West?



Italy’s Most Famous Superstars

By Cinzia Antonelli

Italy is famous for its countless wonders, such as its impressive historical monuments, its extraordinary natural beauty and its famous and healthy cuisine that the whole world envies us for. It’s also home to famous inventors, all kinds of artists, writers, painters, musicians, singers, actors, dancers, and creative geniuses.



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