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Fashion Week RI Day 1

By Valerie Langlais

“The Colosseum in Providence hosted a modern-day Magna Convivalis Vestimentum (That’s Great Fashion Party for those unfamiliar with Latin).  The inaugural “Fashion Week Rhode Island” event on September 10th was truly an invitatio (entertainment) for those in attendance.  Spearheaded by Trade Secret’s own Yemi Sekoni, the show had the perfect combination of a fun, party atmosphere and serious Lepidus (glamour)!”



Fashion Week RI Day 2

By Valerie Langlais

“The second installment of Fashion Week RI 2016 was hosted by TEN31 Productions.  The vintage mill building, nestled by the Blackstone river, provided a charming and artistic backdrop to the evening’s festivities.  Known for their “living statues,” TEN31 joyfully greeted guests with a stunning “Living Red Carpet”: a beautiful woman dressed in a red gown that flowed almost seamlessly into the red carpet of the entrance.



Fashion Week RI Day 3

By Valerie Langlais

“In the lush surroundings of Newport, RI, Giovanni Feroce (former Military Officer, former State Senator and current CEO of BENRUS) opened the doors of his beautiful and newly remodeled home, Wyndham Estate to Fashion Week RI 2016.”



From the Model’s’ Perspective

“After the launch of the first Fashion Week Rhode Island, there was a lot of buzz around the success of the shows.  But was it really that great? Well, we decided to go right to the source, and ask the models themselves about their experience.  Here’s what they had to say…”



Sydney Scanlon, Free Spirited and Intellectual

By Dario Rodriguez & Lulu Amirault | Photography & Videography by Valencio Small | Makeup by Sinnarith Vann | Hair by Danielle Dube

“Sydney Scanlon grew up in a small town, where “everyone” knew your name. Longing to leave her small-town life behind, she decided to break free from the familiar and begin a new life in an unknown territory, the city.”



Joe Malaika, A Heart of Gold

By Jacqueline Youngdahl

“One may think that creating your own fashion label would go straight to your ego. For up and coming Boston fashion designer, Joe Malaika, this is not the case. In reality, Malaika’s attitude towards his success in the fashion industry is much more humble.”



A Masqueraded Empire

By Lulu Amirault

“Have you ever wanted to be someone else, just for night? To leave your life behind and masquerade as a different entity altogether? To put on a mask? With Jazmytaz, a new company that makes couture masks for nights out or just for fun, it become possible. Jazmytaz is a company created by Jazmyn Milan, a Rhode Islander who has creativity and art flowing through her veins.”



Model, Musician, and Multiple Sclerosis Survivor; Plus Supermodel Carmina Suzanne Turns Illness into Beauty!

By Emma Medeiros

“Suzanne Fatta, AKA Carmina Suzanne, is an internationally published agency plus supermodel who has embraced diversity on a whole new level; recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Carmina is becoming a spokeswoman for MS research and awareness, turning this devastating news into an opportunity to show women that they can be successful and beautiful even with a debilitating illness.”



Fashion Illustrator: Holly Nichols

By Elizabeth McLaughlin, Royale Diary

During the Simply Stylist Conference, contributor, Elizabeth McLaughlin got the chance to interview fashion illustrator Holly Nichols…



Making Monkey Bread for the Holidays!

By Danielle Dube

“Holidays are the craziest time of year. Between work, making sure you look fabulous for all those holiday parties, and attempting to catch some sleep, you’ve probably been asked to bring “just a little something” to just about every one of those parties. One of my favorite recipes during the holidays is Monkey Bread. Quick, easy, cheap, and fantastically tasty.”



How to Make a Holiday Centerpiece

By Jacqueline Youngdahl

“You look to your left and there you see it, the one thing that makes the table look exuberant and bright; the centerpiece. Made of fresh flowers, dipped in an Oasis mix for freshness and colors that match the season. Like pumpkin orange, cranberry red and faded blacks.”



It’s Time to Fall in Love with Your Makeup!

By Olga S Hawwa

“The shimmery, beachy face that looks sultry in July is easy to transition to match the cozy sweaters and puffy jackets we will be wearing as the temperatures start to fall.”



Ways to Style a Sweater for This Fall

By Noelle Crouchley

“With the approaching cool, crisp weather, there’s nothing better than a cozy sweater. But, the contrast of a warm day followed by a chilly night doesn’t require you to be completely bundled up. Instead, it allows for so many options to rock a variety of fall sweaters.”



As the World Turns, So Do the Seasons of Our Lives

By Lynell Masterson

Looking at the seasons for symbolism, meaning and answers has been a hobby of mine for many years. When it is hard to know what to do, sometimes looking outside into nature and where we come from can provide an objective view on current situations.



Growing Up in Italy

By Cinzia Antonelli

Like a real Italian I say without a doubt that Italy is the best country in which to be born, grow and live peacefully!

Since childhood we are over-protected and pampered by our mothers (and fathers), that provide us with their immense love, a vision and a positive reading of everyday life.

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